Times New Roman

A short film about the typeface Times New Roman.

Friday Link Pack

Connecting: Makers is the second film in the Connecting Series. See the first film, Connecting, at connectingthefilm.com.

- This animated gif wins.

- Just like Joanna, this Seinfeld clip about bedtime routines made me laugh out loud. Start listening at 4:07.

- Cat Sushi. (no worries, not to eat) Made me laugh.

- David Bowie’s Top 100 Books

- Build for Love.

- This made me laugh: Kids react to old computers.

- Oh my, does Ringly mean I’d have to also charge my jewelry?

- UseSparingly explores the role of common language through satirical redefinition. i.e Two cents: A value affixed to an opinion that is simultaneously unwelcome and annoyingly helpful

- A pile of bunnies and hover boarding bears. Wonderfully absurd.

- Sat next to an incredibly adorable 2 year in the subway this week and offered her some Tattly. Turns out the dad is Seb Gorey, a ridiculously talented graffiti artist and fashion designer. I love NYC. So much.

- Keep coming back to this TED Talk by Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter …

- Rifle Paper Wallpaper. #headexplode

- John Updike on Family Affairs

- The iconic Brooklyn Kentile Floors sign will be removed but resurrected nearby

- Tattly launched a with Rifle Paper Co Set this week.

- The fine folks of Area 17 in SF are looking to hire an Interactive Designer.

- “Like all tools, the baloney detection kit can be misused, applied out of context, or even employed as a rote alternative to thinking. But applied judiciously, it can make all the difference in the world — not least in evaluating our own arguments before we present them to others.” The Baloney Detection Kit by Carl Sagan


outdated browser

Do you ever wonder if you should update your browser? outdatedbrowser.com will tell you.

Call Someone You Love

Matt Adams and Katie Sokoler covered a Brooklyn pay phone with quarters and placed a sign above it that read, “Call Someone You Love” to see what would happen. So good!

♥ / Elmastudio WordPress Themes

A big thank you to Elmastudio for sponsoring this week of my RSS Feed.

Elmastudio is a small, creative WordPress theme shop run by Ellen and Manuel, two passionate designers, typography lovers and WordPress fans from Germany.

Ellen and Manuel have been creating WordPress themes since 2010 and are taking a very refreshing approach towards more minimal, easy to use WordPress themes that just work.

So if you are looking for a fresh, minimal WordPress theme, don’t miss out on their beautiful WordPress theme collection.

(Interested in sponsoring a week of my RSS feed, learn more here.)

How to Survive in NYC

survive nyc 31survive nyc 30survive nyc 13survive nyc 65small_86_garbagescentdeath

These animated gifs explaining how to survive in NYC made me laugh out loud. Hat tip off to Nathan W.Pyle!

(via Eric)

Tattly + Rifle Paper Co

Rifle Paper Co + Tattly

The best part about my job at Tattly is that I get to meet and collaborate with talented folks like Rifle Paper Co. We *just* launched their Floral Set with 4 beautiful flowery designs by Anna Bond. We had a feeling the set would be welcomed with open arms, but we never expected *such* a welcome. They’re flying off the shelves!

If you happen to order a set, consider sending an encouraging tweet to Karen. She is working hard to get all the orders out the door!

Shun the non-believers

“If you try to delight the undelightable, you’ve made yourself miserable for no reason.”
- Seth Godin

Read the full post: It’s not about you

Blue Bird Woodcut Sculpture Prints

woodcut birdseastern blue bird woodcut sculpture print

How incredibly wonderful are these blue bird woodcut sculpture prints? They are the brainchild of Nic Annette Miller. They are woodcuts printed onto mulberry paper and individually hand-colored, then glued onto 3/4″ thick plywood, sawed out and sanded. Totally hand-made in Brooklyn.

Mini Documentary on James Victore

Here’s a beautiful and very private glimpse into the life of Brooklyn based designer and educator James Victore.

Want to see more of James? Watch this 99u talk or check out his work or his Burning Questions YouTube Channel full of advice.

The fine folks of Like Knows Like really know what they’re doing: Check out their other mini documentaries. (They’ve done one on me as well!)

Friday Link Pack

- Next time you look up into a starry sky, read this: The Fermi Paradox: Where the hell are the other earths?

- Excited to read Weingart: The Man and the Machine. Weingart taught for over 30 years at Basel School of Design and now this book documents his students reflecting on his teaching.

- OTO, the famous ice cream truck, now comes in cat size. Yup.

- The Found Art of Thank-You Notes

- “A mature understanding of the madness of crushes turns out to be the best and perhaps the only solution to the tensions of long-term love.” On the madness and charm of crushes

- Mister Softee Ice Cream Truck Printed Pillow

- Fun: Neon Adjustable Ring Geometric Leather

- Ever think you’re getting old? I just learned that the moon has orbited the earth 540 times since I was born. Ok!

- Why would you want to sacrifice a couple of square feet to a dish drying rack, when this compact roll-up alternative turns an open sink into a place for anything to drip dry?

- Your brain on chocolate vs. kissing.

- I would love this FRESH POTS sign at Studiomates to indicate fresh coffee is ready! Go Mailchimp for always coming up with fun stuff like this.

- I am not into sports, but this made me look: A scale replica of your favorite team’s stadium, made entirely of LEGOs.

- Now that’s a stylish mug: MUGr

- BULBING is an optical illusion LED lamp.

- So tempted to get this Adult Cookie Monster costume and answer Skype video calls wearing it.

- A tent hotel on Rockaway beach? Yes, please!

- A Type House Divided, the story of Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones

- Bounce.

- Tattly launched a tattoo by Stefan Sagmeister: Self-confidence produces fine results.

- ÄKTA in Chicago is looking for a Sr. User Interface (UI) Designer.


Last month CreativeMornings celebrated the theme of “Freedom”. To get in the mindset of the theme, team CreativeMornings worked with global partner Shutterstock and created a few short videos depicting quotes from past CreativeMornings talks using assets from Shutterstock’s robust collection of over 1.5 million clips.

The “Freedom” theme was chosen by the Budapest chapter, and the theme illustration was by Kesley Dake. Now that CreativeMornings has grown to 82 cities around the world, it’s really fantastic to see how all the different chapters interpret a theme. You can view all of the uploaded talks and quotes on the theme page.

If you’re into music, you might enjoy our Freedom playlist, put together by our Washington, DC DJ-in-residence. If you’re more the reading kind, check out our Freedom book list.

NNF Bike Lock

NNF Bike Lock

Now these are some nice looking Japanese bike locks.

New DoLectures Site

Do Lectures

DoLectures redesigned their site. Beautifully minimal! Go watch some talks.

Gold Passport Wallet

Gold passport wallet

I wouldn’t say no to this Gold Passport Wallet. #wishlisted

Side-Project Man

side-project man

Given that I believe in the importance of side-projects and in recognizing your own superpower, this illustration of Side-Project Man by Andy J. Miller made me chuckle.

Earth Patterns

Earth Patterns587b

Lauren Manning collects Earth Patterns, spectacular satellite images of the planet found on Google Maps. Love this so much.

Roll Your T-Shirts for Efficient Packing

Fascinating tutorial on how to ‘roll’ your t-shirts in a way that they won’t crease and save space in your suitcase! Taken from this Lifehacker post on The Best Military Tricks to Make Your Daily Life Easier.



Chicago based Shiner takes photos off your Instagram feed and puts them into your life. Shiner turn your images into beautiful, ready-to-hang art. Jenn has two examples hanging over her desk. Looks really fantastic.

Playing Card Deck by Debbie Millman

Playing Card SetPlaying Card Deck Playing Card Deck

These limited edition playing cards designed by Debbie Millman made me look. Taking on every card as an empty canvas, Debbie Millman created 54 intimate works of art. Totally backing this. You?

More People Saying Less

“… It’s much easier to spend a lot of time making your microphone louder than it is working on making your message more compelling…

The path of chiming in is safe and easy and carries little apparent risk and less reward (for you and for your readers). Choosing to dig deep and say more, though, is where both risk and reward live.”
- Seth Godin

From this post: More people saying less (and a few more people saying more)

Remember to Drink Water

The refresh cap, by Vittel, pops up a tiny red flag every hour to prompt you to hydrate. When you put the bottle cap back on the bottle the timer automatically begins. So fun!

(thanks Sally)

Santtu Mustonen

Santtu Mustonen

Julia Rothman pointed me to Santtu Mustonen’s work. Isn’t this stunning?

Shine Craft Vessel

Shine Craft Vessel

How beautiful are these Shine Craft Vessels? The 64oz growlers are obviously designed and finished with the craft beer drinker in mind, but I totally want to use these as giant water bottles! They come in so many pretty colors!