Friday Link Pack


– You have read this, right? ‘Our minds can be hijacked’: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

– IKEA introduces ‘LURVIG,’ the company’s first collection of furniture and accessories for pets

The 2017 MacArthur Fellows.

How to clear the data on your old phone before you sell it.

The woman in the room.

The Wirecutter got a facelift.

– This container home in the middle of the desert made me look.

– What are white writers for?

– Hiring: It’s About Cultural Contribution, Not Cultural Fit

Why do communities exist? For internal or external purpose? Or both?

To give better feedback, you must fully understand the agony of receiving it

How stores trick you into buying more things.

– If only all Twitter conversation were this pure.

– This must indeed be the best Google Image Search of all times.

This made me laugh. Tragically.

– A woman saw a pigeon in danger so she called the pigeon a cab.

– Students email professor with study question, get an unexpectedly kind response

This prosthetic transforms your hand into a tool

– I asked on Twitter “What is a book that has changed your life?” The answers are amazing.

– Please tell me you have watched Paola Mendoza’s tremendous CreativeMornings talk?

– Get spooky with the Tattly Graveyard Set.

♥ / Jamf Now

A big thank you to Syndicate Ads for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week.

Jamf Now is an on-demand mobile device management solution for iPad, iPhone and Mac devices at work.

Jamf Now helps streamline the set-up process of Apple devices and automate management tasks like deploying Wi-Fi passwords, setting up email accounts, securing company data and enforcing passcodes. It’s simple and affordable, so businesses can support their users; no IT required.

Get started today by managing your first 3 devices for free. After that, you can add more for just $2/device/month. Create your free account today!

An Extra Thumb

I would totally take an extra thumb. Yes please.

Csilla Klenyánszki’s Photography

Csilla Klenyánszki’s Photography made me look. Click through to IGNANT to see more.

Giant, Fully Functional LEGO Cardboard Costume

This is the best: How to make a giant, fully functional LEGO cardboard costume!

Green Home Print

Don’t have a green thumb? Get this Green Home Print instead of plants.

What Is A Book That Has Changed Your Life?

I asked this question yesterday on Twitter. OMG so many answers and so many books I want to read right now. What is yours? Add yours in a comment below?

Flower Head

Tattly just launched two new designs by Estée Preda. I am in love with this Flower Head.

The Invisible Dog’s Season 9

Lucien, the force behind The Invisible Dog Art Center is one of my favorite humans, ever. I love the creative community he has built here on Bergen street, and let me be part of. He gets my support for Season 9 of The Invisible Dog. Does he get yours?

The video is by the super talented team of Mac Premo. Definitely my favorite Kickstarter video to date!


This Feelings banner would look good in my living room.

German Untranslatable Words

As a native German speaker living in the USA this Untranslatable German Words Box of Cards delights me to no end. I hope it includes FINGERSPITZENGEFUEHL and ESELSBRUECKE.

Confidence / Insecurities

It’s Ok To Feel Things

I agree with this message.

Friday Link Pack

World’s smallest cup of coffee

– The third season of Michael Bierut’s podcast The Design of Business / The Business of Design has launched

– “There are two types of time: Dead time — where you are passive and biding and Alive time — where you are learning and acting and leveraging every second towards your intended future. Which will this be for you?” Alive Time vs Dead time. (via Jocelyn)

Work and the loneliness epidemic.

– I buy wine based on the label design. Can’t help it. I’d buy these.

– What an incredible human being. Watch the video.

-This article on how to deal with assholes is the most refreshing thing I have read in a long time. (via Jocelyn)

– I am about to step up my pancake game with this Batter Dispenser.

The AIGA Guide to Careers in Graphic and Communication Design

Google Pixel Buds are wireless earbuds that translate conversations in real time

Fully agree with Guy Kawasaki. He warns that Facebook should be wary of alienating its user base.

– This kids winter hat has a built-in flash light. Fun.

– This Cat LED nightlight is quite adorable.

10 great resources for women entrepreneurs

– These candle holders made me laugh.

Of all the virtues, “hope” is one of the most-needed in our time.

Spotify’s Time Capsule personalized playlists

– This adorable kids blanket won my heart.

Beauty Warriors.

– My team put together some pretty fun Tattly Halloween Costume ideas.

Interesting Facts About the Universe

In a short piece for Vanity Fair, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson hilariously acted out a number of pre-recorded facts about the universe that were being breathlessly voiced over his movements.

Kitty Accidentally Pressed The Turbo Button 😂

(via Nature is Amazing)

♥ / ImageSnap

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Have some fun with your photos. ImageSnap prints your digital images on ceramic tile. We offer eight sizes of tile, from our Teeny Tile (2” x 2”) to the Slab (12” x 12”). We’ve printed tiles for professional artists and photographers for more than 16 years.


“Creativity is paying attention and putting a light on things we might otherwise overlook.” — Wendy MacNaughton

(via Jocelyn)

Defining Authenticity

“…We call a brand or a person authentic when they’re consistent, when they act the same way whether or not someone is looking. Someone is authentic when their actions are in alignment with what they promise.

Showing up as a pro.

Keeping promises.

Even when you don’t feel like it.

Especially when you don’t.”

– Seth Godin

Read the full post defining authenticity.

DIY Tattly Mug

If you want to make your own mugs, here’s a link to the Rifle Tattly Designs and a link to dishwasher safe gloss. Happy crafting!


After watching this short experimental video I have decided I want to live in Lucas Zanotto‘s brain for a little bit. (My kids LOVE his apps.)

Finally, an Off-Road Suitcase

The G-RO Carry-On Suitcase looks super practical. It features really big wheels so you can go off-road and not just walk on perfectly smooth airport surfaces. Goodbye tiny suitcase wheels.

Trick Placemat

The grid pattern on this placemat creates the optical illusion that the placemat has sunk under the weight of your tableware. Love it.

Kale and Goat Cheese Frittata Cups

This Kale and Goat Cheese Frittata Cups Breakfast Recipe made me look.