Friday Link Pack

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The Paradox of Tolerance

Why Six Hours Of Sleep Is As Bad As None At All

Accidental Wes Anderson Sets in Real Life

– There’s a podcast festival happening in NYC, early September. Looks fun!

Ear Hustle brings you stories of life inside prison, shared and produced by those living it.

– Impressive: Illuminated Kirigami Lamp of a Castle in the Sky

Neuroscientist Sam Harris Selects 12 Books Everyone Should Read

– I love this kids Tee!

– Some of these made me laugh out loud: 30 things my neighbor Kathy said to help me bounce back after the divorce.

This Is How Your Fear and Outrage Are Being Sold for Profit

– Christoph Niemand will be having a show called The Masters Series in NYC this fall! The retrospective will showcase Christoph’s inventiveness through never-before-seen work from his personal collection, illustrations, magazine covers, animations and digital works that have built his reputation as one of the most renowned creative talents in the field today.

– This Vegan Oreo Fidget Spinner made me laugh.

Above the Fold is a Myth.

– Love love love this wall grid.

– There are no negotiated salaries or raises at Basecamp. Everyone in the same role at the same level is paid the same. Equal work, equal pay. How we pay people at Basecamp

– The Creative Playdate Podcast is for parents that are pursuing creative careers. I enjoyed this podcast with illustrator Keith Negley.

Six Scandinavian Raincoats

The Dieline asked me some questions about what it was like to start Tattly.

The Wake Up

Last week I signed up to a new newsletter called The Wak Up, run by Sally Rumble who has been educating herself on race relations, racial justice, white supremacy, and privilege in America over the past eight years.

She is sharing what’s she’s learned and guiding us through this difficult and confusing time. Please do yourself a favor and sign up for The Wake Up Newsletter.

My heart is bleeding over this morally corrupt administration and recent developments in Charlottesville. I am grateful for Sally’s guidance in understanding what actions I can take.

I am writing this while vacationing in Switzerland. It’s surreal to follow what’s happening in the US from afar. My heart hurts.

Wise Words by Jackson Kiddard


“I have never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.”
Elizabeth Gilbert

How To Forgive

Don’t Take Life too Seriously

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Jim Carrey: I Need color


It’s Still Summer!

I am off to the Swiss Alps today! Posts might be lighter than usual during the next two weeks. But don’t you worry, I’ll be back refreshed early September! Dig into my archives to find some old gems by clicking on “Show Category Filters” above. Happy Summer everyone!

Christine and The Queens

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Virtues Visibly Embodied

“When you need encouragement, think of the qualities the people around you have: this one’s energy, that one’s modesty, another’s generosity, and so on. Nothing is as encouraging as when virtues are visibly embodied in the people around us, when we’re practically showered with them. It’s good to keep this in mind.”
— Marcus Aurelius


Algorithmic Engagement

I have daily conversations with friends and peers about how much we all dislike the algorithms on Twitter and Facebook. I have yet to find someone who argues that these changes improved the experience. As someone who creates digital products myself, I am heartbroken how Algorithmic Engagement is now ruling our online experience. Call me idealistic, but I don’t think every decision should be driven by the bottom line. Here’s an idea: Respect User > Profits.

This article on the topic is quite sobering: This Is How Your Fear and Outrage Are Being Sold for Profit, by Tobias Rose-Stockwell


Art By Sakir Gökçebag

We always say you shouldn’t play with food but these art installations by Sakir Gökçebag are stunning.

Wine Myths, Debunked

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Humorous Church Signs

This collection of humorous church signs made me laugh.

What’s That Crawling on Your Shirt?

I couldn’t help but laugh seeing this robotic jewelry. Definitely a conversation starter.

Chilled Cucumber Noodles

These chilled cucumber noodles make my mouth water. Video recipe over on thekitchn.

Manual Collection

Agata Bieleń’s Manual Collection made me look.

This Commercial!

What the what? Absolutely mesmerizing commercial.

A Certain Silence

The artwork by Jim Verburg made me look.

Sardine Feeding Frenzy

Nature is remarkable.

How To Stay Inspired

I enjoyed hearing Robin Sharma’s take on how to stay inspired.


Shahak Shapira reported about 300 hate tweets. Twitter didn’t delete them, so he sprayed them in front of their office.

Hey @Jack, hate Tweets are a real problem.


To Be Yourself

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

OXO Box Grater

This OXO Box Grater with its matching storage container is simple and practical! Why have I never seen a design like this?