Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

The first time I blogged about the Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker it was a Kickstarter. Now, I see it fore sale in neighborhood stores and it makes me smile. Total hipster shaker, I know…

Book on Book

Book on BookBook on Book

Book on Book” is an acrylic transparent page holder that keeps a book open.

Dinner Conversation With My 8 year Old

Me: “What do you think I do at work all day?”

Ella (8): “Sit at your computer and laugh!”

Dead on. The fact, that Ella knows my job makes me happy, is the *best thing ever*. Now I just have to help her find her path…


JudgedScreenshot 2014-05-13 08.55.36

A few months ago, when Catherine Hoke, founder of Defy Ventures, spoke at CreativeMornings, she asked: “What if you were only known for the worst thing you’ve ever done in your life?” I remember how that question hit me in the gut. It’s a powerful one.

And she has built her calling around that question. She runs Defy Ventures to help ex-convicts get back on their feet, write a new promising chapter of their book. She wants to prove that it is in fact possible for people to make a 180-degree turn, change their habits, and start over! Defy is helping ex-convicts start their own businesses, and giving them a chance to change their path and repave their future.

My studiomates Bas and Hanne were so struck with Catherine’s mission that they offered to help her document and celebrate Defy Ventures graduates, let them tell their stories. And today, went live.

Listen to these stories. I know they’ll inspire you too.

The Importance of Kindness

Animated adaptation of a commencement speech given by George Saunders at Syracuse University, May 2013.

♥ / Picturelife: a smart home for your photos

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Remember that road-trip? Picturelife does! Memories surfaces the photos you’ve loved and forgotten, reminding you of your best (and worst;) moments.

Picturelife is free to try, and plans start at just $5 a month.

Retro Diner/Movie Board

Retro Diner/Movie Board

Love this Retro Diner/Movie Board by Goodwin + Goodwin. Each board comes with a set of clear plastic alphabet letters, numbers and symbols that can be used to create any combination of words you want, fits 14 characters approx and the clear plastic letters simply slot in.

Link Pack

The great Massimo Vignelli is very ill and will be spending his last days at home. He’d like you to write to him.

- 40 maps that explain the Middle East

- Vi Hart Explains & Defends Net Neutrality in a New Doodle-Filled Video

- Home-Work Sideboard Transforms Into A Self-Contained Workspace

- A smartphone charger that can also jumpstart your car

- Organic Traveling Soap. Oh Japan, your packaging makes my heart sing.

- Gourmet Mouse Traps. Made me laugh. (scroll sideways)

- Polaroid Camera Toilet Paper Holder. Made me laugh.

- Emotional Baggage.

- What’s The Difference Between A Font And A Typeface?

- The NYPL is sharing their librarians’ favorite NYC history books on their tumblr. (via)

- Best doormat ever: The Moon.

- ‘Look Up‘ is a lesson taught to us through a love story, in a world where we continue to find ways to make it easier for us to connect with one another, but always results in us spending more time

- How to write on a cake.

- Posters with shapes of US states made out of words. Words that describe what makes people call their state home.

- The Guacamole Tote made me smile (and hungry).

- Euan’s Guide is a disabled access and review guide for disabled people and their families. Love!

- Sushi Memo Pads. Made me smile.

- Does your Apple Laptop need Glasses?

- Panda Necklace. I know someone who’d love this.

- Minimal and absolutely beautiful maternity clothing line called Storq.

- VW Bus toiletry bag.

- No sleep ’til Brooklyn

- Meetup NYC is looking to hire a Senior Interaction Designer.

Cindy Gallop: Make Love Not Porn

Cindy Gallop is a modern day hero in my book. The work she is doing with her company Make Love Not Porn is nothing short of courageous and oh-so-incredibly-important in this day and age. As a mother of two, I want her message to spread. People need to understand the difference between porn and real world sex.

When you’re done with the talk, check out her site,

Fear of What Other People Will Think

“Fear of what other people will think is the single most paralyzing dynamic in business and in life. The best moment of my life…was the day I realized that I no longer give a damn what anybody thinks. That’s enormously liberating and freeing, and it’s the only way to live your life and do your business.”
— Cindy Gallop

Taken from Cindy’s fantastic CreativeMornings talk.

How To Make The Perfect French Omelette

Making an omelette the Julia Child’s way. 1960s!


Upcoming is Coming Back!

Andi Baio sold to Yahoo in 2005. Last year, Yahoo shut it down and decided a few months ago to sell the url back to Andi. Now, Andi is set to bring it back! Yes, please!

Upcoming was a collaborative event calendar focused on interesting arts and tech events around the world. Entirely curated by the community, Upcoming surfaced weird and wonderful events that usually fell under the radar of traditional event listings from newspapers and local weeklies.

Definitely supporting this Kickstarter Campaign.

And, can we all please learn from this?

Hanabunko Flower Vase

Hanabunko Flower Vase

How lovely is this idea of a vase in the shape of a book to put between books on a bookshelf?

NY Train Project

NY Train Project

Adam Chang created the NY Train Project, an online gallery of 118 subway stations in Manhattan. Pick a line and discover the various signage styles.



Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 8.34.15 PM

Today Jason Fried and his team at Basecamp launched THE DISTANCE, an online magazine that celebrates interesting private businesses that have been in business for 25 years or more.

Read Jason’s blog post about it and the first issue of THE DISTANCE featuring Chicago’s Last Tannery.



Canopy is a design-y way to browse products on Amazon. The beautiful site lets you find and share the most useful and well-designed products Amazon has to offer. Love.

(Thanks Gabrielle)

It’s Your Life

“It’s your life — but only if you make it so. The standards by which you live must be your own standards, your own values, your own convictions in regard to what is right and wrong, what is true and false, what is important and what is trivial. When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being.”
- Eleanor Roosevelt

271 Years Before Pantone

book of colors

271 years before Pantone, an artist mixed and described every color imaginable in an 800-page book.

What is Alibaba?

What is Alibaba? It is China’s — and by some measures, the world’s — biggest online commerce company.


Relics of Technology


Relics of Technology by Jim Golden

A Shelf-Table

Shelf Table

It’s a Shelf. No wait, it’s a table. It’s both!

♥ / Siteleaf

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Siteleaf is a new, simple content management system for web designers.

Develop locally, write in the cloud, and publish to your favorite web host. There is no database to worry about or server software to install.

Best of all, your clients will love it.

Try a free developer account at

The New 10 Commandments

1 Laugh.
2 Read.
3 Say please.
4 Floss.
5 Doubt.
6 Exercise.
7 Learn.
8 Don’t hate.
9 Cut the bullshit.
10 Chill.

This guy said it.

Link Pack

We Are The World is my personal antidote to get Frozen songs out of my head! Fellow parents, what is yours?

- A System For Email Productivity, by George Kao

- Get Back To Work!

- Well known design peeps share their current top 3 favorite typefaces

- What is that? Oh, that’s my banana purse.

- Wow, how futuristic: 1945′s General Motors reception

- Ha! Boombox Butter Dish

- Leica T. What a stunning camera.

- Love this take on a diamond ring.

- Gifprint turns your animated gif into a flip book (via)

- Keynotetweet is an Applescript utility which automatically tweets from Keynote during a presentation. Cool.

- 6 Superpowers That Really Exist

- In preparation of my 99u talk (today!) I rewatched Jane ni Dhulchaointigh’s 99U talk from last year. She got a standing ovation for it. The first in 99u history. She is the founder of Sugru and I am her biggest fan.

- Sorry Jimmy Fallon but Emma Stone rules this Lip Sync Battle.

- Lots and lots of internet hugs. (thanks Jen)

- What Is Nothing? A Mind-Bending Debate about the Universe Moderated by Neil deGrasse Tyson

- This warms my heart: Albert Camus Wins the Nobel Prize & Sends a Letter of Gratitude to His Elementary School Teacher (1957)

- Writers and their typewriters. Cool poster.

- Fascinated by this potrait.

- Squarespace is looking to hire a Template Designer. Great company to work for!