Friday Link Pack

Music video for Jane Bordeaux’s ‘Ma’agalim‘. Beautiful. (via)

– Repair a broken zipper without tools or sewing: FixnZip (via)

Dancing Without Sound, Performing Without Sight

– This looks delicious: Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Chickpeas, Feta, and Herbs

– Comedian Tim Minchin imparts nine life lessons full of hilarity and wisdom, revealing the only sensible thing you should do with your existence. (via)

– This headline made me laugh: 50 Escaped Baboons Shut Down a Paris Zoo

12 tips for using Google Maps on your phone

– It doesn’t get much more minimal than with this wall calendar.

– What If You Never Ate Fruits And Vegetables?

– I’d wear these earrings.

– Some gems in this article: The 30 Best Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs in 2017

– Revolve: The Wheel in Foldable Form

How to control a negotiation like a game theorist. Being patient is key!

When you see yourself first thing in the morning

– Interesting read: The Follower Factory

– It’s a shable!

This looks magical.

– Keep Your Head Up: How Smartphone Addiction Kills Manners and Moods

Tattly did a collaboration with Oliver Jeffers. And everyone seems to love it. Yay!

– Thanks to Onsen for sponsoring my blog this weeks. Also, for making awesome towels.

Large-Scale Participatory Bubble Wall

This large-scale participatory Bubble Wall by Rintaro Hara is delightful!

Goober Candles

These candles by Area Ware are stunningly sculptural. Don’t think I could get myself to lighting them.

Puzzle Fail or Art?

This made me look. And chuckle. Alma Haser, Within 15 Minutes, 2017

Shape Shape Shape Shape

Loving these bold, ceramic necklaces by Brooklyn based Shape Shape Shape Shape.


“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
Max Planck

The Era of the Algorithm

Thinking about the future of AI causes anxiety. We see its flaws and also its immense potential to improve our lives. But there is much work to be done. According to Josh Clark, a UX designer and design leader who helps organizations build products for what’s next, he shares four design principles that can improve how we build AI. The catch: it starts with us.

I highly recommend this CreativeMornings talk!

Give Yourself Authority

Barreleye Fish

What? A create with a transparent head? Please meet Barreleye Fish. You can see some fantastic images of this creature in Blue Planet 2. Unreal.

(Thank you Jodi!)

Oliver Jeffers Animal Tattly Tattoos

Yesterday team Tattly launched a Wildlife Set with designs by Oliver Jeffers. I can’t handle the cuteness! The illustrations are pulled from Oliver Jeffers’ books, including his latest, Here We Are, which debuted as #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list.

That Orangutan won my heart! Which one gets your thumbs up?

Concrete Furniture

Neal Aronowitz’s Concrete Canvas Collection takes my breath away.

Patience is a Key in Negotiations

If you want to be an expert negotiator — or even a savvy game theorist — you must master one thing. Patience.

♥ / Onsen

A big thank you to Onsen for sponsoring this week’s RSS Feed.

Towels have two basic jobs—dry my body, and dry itself. So why is it that most towels represent a compromise between the two?

Onsen married functionality with minimalism to craft a lightweight bath towel that dries like its job depended on it. The key to this obsessively designed towel isn’t what they added, but rather what they eliminated. Most towels go through a chemical bathing process so that they feel soft and fluffy, at least at first. Not Onsen. Instead of short-lived softness that washes away, Onsen relies on premium materials and traditional techniques to deliver a thirsty towel that only gets softer over time.

Get 10% off your first order at with offer code SWISSMISS.

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We Have So Much in Common

Interesting doormat message. By the folks that created the BEST socks ever.

Kindness Looks Good on You

Lovely message and illustration by People I Loved.

Now, what shall I do with today?

From Agatha Christie ‘Autobiography’. Click through to enlarge text.

FREITAG Clutch Bag Masikura

There is no other bag brand I am as loyal to as I am to the Swiss brand FREITAG. Over the last 19 years I have accumulated quite the collection and I can attest they are indestructible and seemingly timeless. This small clutch bag, the F271 Masikura, would make a nice new addition. Wishlisted. Also, how creative and fun is this product video?

A Conversation


Stacking Planter

This Planter by Area Ware is a beauty. The design discretely integrates both a planter and saucer into one form. Lift out the bottom ring to reveal a hidden saucer.

Modern Wood Trivet

This wood trivet is so beautiful, I’d hang it on my walls.

Friday Link Pack


How to Maintain Friendships

Very nice collection of tools to make sure your website is accessible. (via Chris)

An interview with Bjork on her process, inspiration, and collaboration (via)

Working with a designer (four paths)

How it became normal to ignore texts and emails (via Jocelyn)

These cookbooks covers are the worst.

– I agree with this: You are not your resume. You are the trail you’ve left behind, the people you’ve influenced, the work you’ve done.

– I want to experience the Rainbow Tunnel!

How to write a blog post. (Or simply, how to write!) (via)

– Mad respect to the “snowman-building-folks” in Tokyo

– Why life speeds up. (via Jocelyn)

Low Budget – High Spirit

VSCO Voices is a new grant program that supports creators who use art to empower marginalized communities in the United States. This is wonderful!

– Need some Children’s Book Inspiration? Here’s help.

It’s not just you.

– Jessica Hische has a new Skillshare class: Logotype Masterclass!

This home!

– My cat would not approve of this Kitty-Hoodie.

Stunning photographs from around the world.

– “empathic concern” versus “personal distress”

Postmortem Photography. Fascinating.

– I now totally want a Zig Zag cactus.

– Do you have a big-hearted, fun, kind friend who works in sales and might thrive in a company like Tattly? We are hiring a custom product sales coordinator! Share?

Gold Foil + Color Tattly by Jess Phoenix

Team Tattly just launched these four colorful bouquets with a flicker of gold foil by new artist Jess Phoenix. The shimmering of the gold elements really make these stunning.

Spare Time

“The opposite of spare time is, I guess, occupied time. In my case I still don’t know what spare time is because all my time is occupied. It always has been and it is now. It’s occupied by living.”
– Ursula K. Le Guin

Ursula K. Le Guin on “Spare Time,” What It Means to Be a Working Artist, and the Vital Difference Between Being Busy with Doing and Being Occupied with Living

♥ / Miss D

A big thank you to Miss D for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week.

Imagine what would happen if you let a couple of enthusiast photographers build a language app?

Miss D is a beautiful, multilingual language app that creates an engaging, visual way to learn new vocabulary by taking and browsing photos. Miss D presents comprehensive information in a delightful way and includes up to 10 language translations, Oxford English Dictionary, Emoji, cover photo and Wikipedia.

Last but not the least, you can put a dent in the universe of words by exhibiting your wonderful photo alongside the relevant words or phrases.

Give it a try: