Painted Oak Stools

These painted Oak Stools made me look.


Chromatin is the animated variation of Medina Dugger’s Chroma photo project which celebrates women’s hair styles in Nigeria. Made me look.


BikeBlock is a minimal, concrete bicycle stand.

Aleks Danko

I feel this.


Our Work

“We must do our work for its own sake, not for fortune or attention or applause.”
– Steven Pressfield




“The first and truest thing is that all truth is a paradox. Life is both a precious, unfathomably beautiful gift, and it’s impossible here, on the incarnational side of things. It’s been a very bad match for those of us who were born extremely sensitive. It’s so hard and weird that we sometimes wonder if we’re being punked. It’s filled simultaneously with heartbreaking sweetness and beauty, desperate poverty, floods and babies and acne and Mozart, all swirled together. I don’t think it’s an ideal system.”

Anne Lamott

(via Bailey)

Pleasure / Happiness

Pleasure is short-term, addictive and selfish. It’s taken, not given. It works on dopamine.

Happiness is long-term, additive and generous. It’s giving, not taking. It works on serotonin.

Read Seth Godin’s full post on this topic.


Made me laugh.

Friday Link Pack

A ballerina dances as the joints on her body are traced with a computer-generated rotoscope animation technique, an algorithm that brings a mathematical layer to her natural movements.

– If you haven’t watched this brand new talk by Paola Mendoza, the artistic director of the WomensMarch, please take a few minutes to do so. It will light a fire in your heart.

GOODNEWSPAPER prints the stories of the people, ideas, and movements that are changing the world for the better.

Fixing the ‘Brain Damage’ Caused by the I.P.O. Process

Care by Volvo is a car subscription service.

How To Buy Your First Home: A No Nonsense Step-by-Step Guide

– Fascinating: Elizebeth Smith Friedman, a puzzle-solving heroine of the world wars. (via Manu)

Poetic Computation is a book website that made me look. Created by HAWRAF.

– I am in love with the Mechanical Pencil, made from a solid piece of metal and designed to last a lifetime.

– Excted for this: Blue Planet II: The Prequel

Immigrants are over-represented among Nobel Prize winners, patent holders, MacArthur genius grant winners. (via Adam Grant)

– I like this cafe owner’s sense of humor.

On living in an interrupt culture. (via Jocelyn)

Patagonia Has Launched Its Own Online Thrift Store. Brilliant.

A soapless tunnel washing truck in Switzerland. The Swiss crack me up. EVERYTHING is so neat and perfect. Even the tunnels.

Tinybop apps are now on the web, for use on any computer or device, in classrooms everywhere.

This man survived the atomic bomb drop on Nagasaki, Japan. He has a message for the U.S. and North Korea.

How to import all of your podcasts from iTunes/Apple Podcasts to RadioPublic

When you create a solid routine, you save your willpower for the stuff that matters.

– This portable kids toy box is quite smart.

New personal rule: If I “think a compliment”, I force myself to tell the person that triggered the thought. We don’t compliment enough!

– oooh! This side table!

This colander made me laugh!

– A top recruiter lists the red flags that ruin any interview. I definitely never asked enough questions back in the day when I was interviewing for a position!

Faroe Islands. I want to see this IRL one day.

How to be a modern parent

These ladies are so adorably excited about our scented Tattly. Made me smile.

Underwater Afghan


Benjamin Brush

You are looking at a mighty adorably looking toothbrush that comes with an integrated speaker and music store. Choose a song, and it’ll play for two minutes- the recommended amount of time to get those teeth clean. My kids would approve of Benjamin Brush. Get one by pledging over on Kickstarter.

♥ / Mechanical Pencil

A big thank you to Modern Fuel Design for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week.

Modern Fuel Design is committed to making heirloom-quality minimal stationery. Their work is loved by designers, architects, writers, lawyers, teachers and anyone that loves putting pencil to paper. Their sleek mechanical pencil is machined from a solid piece of metal and designed to last a lifetime. It even comes with a lifetime guarantee: if you ever have a problem with it, send it back to Modern Fuel and they will fix it for you or make you a new one. No questions asked.


Are you a solo-preneur/freelancer? You might enjoy this short.

Niv Novak

extension reel 001 – Chengwu Guo from Niv Novak Photography on Vimeo.


Glass Ruler

The Glass Ruler grid overlay allows for precise alignment when placed above an existing drawing. Love this!

Artists – We Need You

This CreativeMornings talk by Paola Mendoza, Artistic Director of the WomensMarch, moved me to tears. Please, give it 20mins of your time. It will light a fire in your creative heart.

“It is the creative community’s responsibility to reopen the heart of America.”
– Paola Mendoza

People of Craft

People of Craft is a growing showcase of creatives of color and their craft in design, advertising, tech, illustration, lettering, art, and more. I absolutely love this! Thank you for creating this resource, Timothy Goodman and Amelie Lamont.

My Kind of Cleaning

This cleaning GIF by Abbey Lossing made me laugh. (It takes a while to load – be patient!)

Grid Poems

Grid Poems Vol. I is a collection of 45 illustrated poems on hope, loss, and expectation. Beautiful!

A Short Trip

A Short Trip is a 5-minute interactive illustration by Alexander Perrin that you control by using the left and right arrow keys. Put your headphones on and turn the volume up. So lovely.

Visit at LEGO Factory

Illustrators You Love?

Add your recommendation in a comment below. I will look at all of them.

Forever Rainbow

This pin! Well done, Ben Wagner!