Friday Link Pack

– How to run a zero waste home

– Interesting read: When Is One Ready to Get Married?

– Watch How Amazon’s Robots Ship Your Order. (Also, make sure to buy small/local and not just on Amazon. Ok?)

– Put a smile on someone’s face with a custom min banner. So stinking adorable. I just got one and I love it.

9 basic principles of responsive web design

– Now this is a diaper bag I’d be cool with. (But glad those days are long gone)

Dream telepathy suggests that human beings have the ability to communicate telepathically with another person while they are dreaming.

– Ben McGrath has a long and fascinating profile of Sasha Hostyn, aka Scarlett, “the most accomplished woman in the young history of electronic sports,” namely Starcraft II: A Star And Her Craft. This is so Nerdy. Always amazed at all these sub-cultures in today’s world.

– A short film about space travel; Wanderers.

– I would be totally ok with this house.

– I want to go swimming here.

Keyboard Waffle Iron. Made me laugh.

Animated Alphabet

Edera is a modular rug and headboard system.

How to remove a dent from wood. Wow. (via BB)

Give the gift of plants.

– Are you a fellow parent also in need for some school lunch inspiration? This way.

Color the earth. Literally.

How Not To Suck as a Creative Director.

Good work takes hard work. Truth.

Swiss Santa is coming to our home tomorrow. My kids are psyched.

– Need a gift idea? Tattly subscriptions!

– Out of Print is looking to hire a Design Director.

MOO Letterpress (!!)

MOO *just* introduced MOO Letterpress. They’re bringing letterpress printed business cards to the masses, for an incredibly affordable price. MOO, you keep impressing me.

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Times Table

times table

My daughter (8) is all about the times table these days. So excited to have found this beautifully designed wall hanging version. Congrats to the designer Cath Young.

The problem with problems

“There are always limits, and there are always opportunities. The ones we rehearse and focus on are the ones that shape our attitude and our actions.”
– Seth Godin

The problem with problems.

3D Space Cookie Cutter

3D Space Cookie Cutter

Love this 3D Space Cookie Cutter.

(via Joanna’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

See-saw Table

De Tafelwip by Marleen Jansen

De Tafelwip by Marleen Jansen

This see-saw table, De Tafelwip by Marleen Jansen, should make for interesting dinners. Also, it will prevent you from ever eating alone. Made me laugh.

International Space Station


This keychain made me laugh.

Dead Fish

“The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.”
– Jim Hightower

Do Your Best

do your best banner

A good reminder! Do Your Best Banner by Three Potato Four.



Love the design and message of this UGMONK shirt: Minimize. I might call that the theme of 2015.

How to Download a YouTube Video

I didn’t realize it was *this* easy to download a YouTube video.

Tattly Gold Bracelet Set


The new Tattly Gold Bracelet Set is seriously stunning. Get your gold on!

Science + music = audio frequency visualizations

With help from a Chladni Plate, vibrating liquid on a speaker dish, a hose pipe optical trick, ferrofluid, a Ruben’s Tube, and a Telsa Coil, New Zealand musician Nigel Stanford showcases audio frequency visualizations in his music video for Cymatics. Stunning.

(via The Kid Should See This)

Friday Link Pack

In this CreativeMornings talk Steve Larosiliere speaks about chances he’s been given, and how he payed it forward with Stoked, a development organization for underserved youth.

What does the liver do?

– 4 million songs on Spotify have never been played. Not even once. Forgotify wants to change that. (via)

5 Thanksgiving Leftover Hacks

– Country Bar (or Swiss Chalet) Camouflage Shirt.

– 7 Pieces of Wisdom That Will Change the Way You Work

– Wow! 1890 Victorian burlesque dancers

The Kid Should See This just launched a gift guide full of “sciency, smart gift ideas for kids.

– Impressed by how Snapchat is evolving their product: Snapchat Murders Facebook.

Tornado and Rainbow Over Kansas

RadioISS plays streams of the radio stations that the International Space Station passes over on its continual orbit of Earth.

– “In a study conducted at Cornell University in 2009, researchers found that people who received the menu without the dollar signs, spent significantly more money than those who received a menu with the usual currency sign present.” Take Off That Dollar Sign from Your Prices

Flio, an ultra-slim portable laptop stand

– Did you catch the step by step DIY instructions on how to decorate your Christmas ornaments with Tattly?

Two new iPhone commercials.

– Despite a temperature of -61 degrees Fahrenheit, a group of travelers work together to push an airliner across a frozen tarmac in a remarkable video shot in the Siberian town of Igarka.

Emojiary asks you how you’re feeling once a day. You answer visually—in emoji.

– Really intrigued by the Boom Boom Speaker/Recorder.

Simmer makes it easy to create your own step-by-step cooking videos.

A three-step marketing ladder

– This week, MailChimp published its first ebook, The UX Reader.

– Mother of 4 wakes up early to make creative breakfasts for her kids. Impressive!

– Did you know Tattly offers 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions? Makes for a perfect gift!

– My friends at Flocabulary are looking to hire an UI/UX Designer. Such good people!

– There’s a desk available in my co-working space Studiomates in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Email me if you’re interested in renting it and join our little community of creative types. (–> desk at

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Tiny Cloud


It’s a Tiny Cloud. It’s a light. It’s a Bluetooth Speaker. It’s awesome. Also comes in large. #wishlisted

Art by Brock Davis


Brock Davis turns everyday things into works of art.


Taco Truckslideshow_1

My studiomate Mans just launched the OTO Taco Truck. (You might have seen the Icecream truck from last year) I don’t know about you, but my son’s head will explode when he gets this for the holidays. Goes perfectly with his favorite book Dragons Love Tacos.

PS: Use SWISSMISS at checkout and get 10% off.

Brush Brush Brush

For all my fellow parents: Brush Brush Brush by “Of Montreal”, animated by Kangaroo Alliance for the season 2 “Teeth” episode of Yo Gabba Gabba.

On Candor

“As a leader my responsibility is to tell hard truths to my team and to my CEO. I can only do that when folks truly believe that I have their best interests at heart and my intention is to push them to being their better selves.”
– Jesse Hertzberg

In his most recent blog post, Jesse Hertzberg, former COO of Etsy and Squarespace, shares some of his principles on how to build a culture centered around speaking the truth: On Candor.

If this is your thing, make sure to also read his older posts On Recruiting, On Feedback and On Walking and Talking.

Jumbo Bananagrams

bananagrams jumbo

I would totally love playing with this oversized version of Bananagrams.

Escrime by Jean Baptiste Courtier


Photography that made me look by Jean Baptiste Courtier, titled ‘Escrime’ (‘Fencing’). Excellent find via IGNANT.


Legacybox is just what the doctor ordered: I have boxes of non-digitized photos and dozens of old VHS tapes that I have been meaning to convert to digital. Legacybox is a mail-in services that will digitize everything for you. Anyone tried this yet? Or a similar service?