Skateboarding Dog


Pocket Watch

Melissa Kaseman photographs the contents of her three-year-old son’s pockets as part of what she calls “a taxonomy report of a child’s imagination.” Beautiful!

What is Emotional Intelligence?

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I am learning every day…


The Imperial Measurement System Versus the Metric System

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“Hope is not an emotion: It’s a cognitive process—a thought process made up of what researcher C. R. Snyder called the trilogy of “goals, pathways, and agency.” Hope happens when we can set goals, have the tenacity and perseverance to pursue those goals, and believe in our own abilities to act. Snyder also found that hope is learned. When boundaries, consistency, and support are in place, children learn it from their parents. But even if we didn’t get it as kids, we can still learn hope as adults. It’s just tougher when we’re older because we have to resist and unlearn old habits, like the tendency to give up when things get tough. Hope is a function of struggle. If we’re never allowed to fall or face adversity as children, we are denied the opportunity to develop the tenacity and sense of agency we need to be hopeful.”
— Brené Brown

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Why Children’s Drawings Matter


Leica’s Never Changing Brand Identity

Powerful 2011 ad by Leica on never changing their brand identity: “When you keep being different from everything, changing makes no sense.”

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Jon Burgerman

The story of Jon Burgerman from Bas Berkhout on Vimeo.

Jon Burgerman is a friend, creative workspace neighbor, a Tattly artist and my son’s creative idol. His most recent book It’s Great to Create spurred many super creative adventures in my house. If you have little ones, I highly recommend grabbing a copy!

Being a fan of all things Burgerman, I was delighted to see my friend Bas Berkhout working on a mini documentary on Jon. It JUST went live. It’s personal and oh-so-timely. Watch above!

And make sure to check out other mini documentaries in Bas’ series called Like knows Like. Here’s the one he did on me, years ago.

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Friday Link Pack

– The Snowball of debt as percentage of GDP

– Stunning ballpoint pen drawings.

Simple iPhone trick frees up storage space you didn’t know you had (via)

– This all-in-one living cube is pretty cool.

Google is sharing its management tools with the world

How to Make Friends—Literally

– This made me smile: Players find out their coach used to tour with MC Hammer and make him do the Hammer Time dance. He nails it.

– This is a lovely, minimal cube necklace.

The 3 types of bullshit feedback — and what to do about them

– I want to visit The Hill of Buddha one day.

Bedtime stories about race and social justice

Adult-Sized Little Tikes-Inspired Car Spotted in UK

Learn Tai Chi Online. I love the internet so much.

A Simple, Inexpensive Trick to Find Out Exactly What Your Voice Sounds Like to Other People

– This Friday Link Pack was dispatched while on vacation in the Swiss Alps. Prost!

Catching Fog

Along the foggy coasts of Peru, where millions of people don’t have access to clean water, Abel Cruz Gutiérrez helps catch 200 to 350 liters of water per day with each ‘fog catcher’ he sets up. Very moving.

Back Country House

This Back Country House by David Maurice took my breath away. Absolutely stunning.

Method of Action

Learn typography, color, kerning, and more, all by playing a few fun mini-games.

This Made Me Laugh


Go Offline To Read

This is clever: You have to go off-line to read this article.

A Domino Machine

This wooden domino row building machine made my kids and my day!

Your Best

“The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.”
— Epictetus

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Minerals, Crystals & Fossils

This Tumblr dedicated to Minerals, Crystals and Fossils is a visual and colorful feast.


How Neon Lights Are Made

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Lands Rug

This Rug! My heart!


Double Rainbow Plate

The world needs more double rainbows. This one will serve you cake.

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