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Big thanks to Driftaway Coffee for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed.

Driftaway Coffee is a freshly roasted coffee subscription that is personalized to your taste. They roast right here in Brooklyn in our quirky neighborhood of Red Hook, and ship all over the US.

All subscriptions start with a tasting kit of four different coffees, you try them out, enter your favorites and based on which ones you like, you will get coffees matching your taste.

Driftaway was started to “fulfill our desire to create, do work we were passionate about, as well as our need for and interest in great coffee.” It’s something we believe will resonate with SwissMiss readers.

Join 1000’s of creatives, designers, developers and coffee lovers by signing up for a Driftaway Coffee subscription. Use coupon SWISSMISS to get 75% off your first delivery (usually $16.50) (expires Apr 20th).

We hope you love it!

Flow state

I watched my coworker Emerline use Flowstate and it blew my mind. It is a writing tool designed to snowball a person’s primal focus into a serene state of creative flow. No overthinking what you wrote. No instant deleting, going back and editing. Just writing! How? You set a focus time, you start writing and when you pause, the app blurs out and makes everything you wrote disappear. The document only gets saved if you complete your timed-writing exercise. Terrifying and brilliant all at once. Try it: Flowstate.

How To Open A New Book

How To Open A New Book: “Never force the back: if it does not readily yield, it is too tightly or strongly lined! It needs gentle treatment, much the same as a machine needs lubricating.”


The Big Bucket Bag

I like this Big Bucket Bag by Best Made Co. Would make for a nice hamper, no?

Immersive, Completely Silent “Desert”

An immersive, completely silent “desert” has been installed at the Guggenheim. Can’t wait to experience this!

Remarkable NYC Company Founders

Small Victories

Small Victories takes files in a Dropbox folder and turns them into a website. I just gave it a try with an photo folder that is sitting on my Dropbox but I am not doing anything with. It works like magic. Wheee!

Words of Wisdom: Casey Neistat


Nima Chaichi

These soft, layered photographs made me look. They are by Iranian born, NYC based photographer Nima Chaichi. What an eye!

Wooden Bowl

This minimal wooden bowl won my heart.

Mammals by Tinybop

The fine folks over at Tinybop have been busy and launched a new app, called Mammals. The app comes with a free handbook to play and learn with your kids. It entails interactivity tips, fun facts and questions you can ask the kids.

Creator Profiles

Stumbled upon these lovely creator profiles over at This Is Ground. The animated portraits are the best.

Spring is in the air. Take off those hats and roll back those sleeves so you can tatt up: Spring Sale over at Tattly: Get 40% off until end of day Monday EST with discount code 40SPRING.

A Map of Every Tree in the United States

Have you ever wondered what the tree population and density of the United States looks like? This amazing map shows just that.

You Control Your Time

Friday Link Pack

(Phases of the Moon, animated with Virtual Moon Atlas)

DIY Shows How to Make Your Kid a Cardboard Knight in Armor

– This color fold poster is stunning.

– Put that Lacoste logo in a fish tank with this brooch.

Hazel, a nifty app for keeping your desktop tidy. (via)

– FUN: Galaxy Rocket Adventure Cape

– This Wristwatch baby rattle made me laugh.

– The Noun Project put together this “Icons for Change” collection of progressive posters.

– I really really want a stump stool.

– One of my favorite Instagram accounts: Aesthetics of Joy. I especially love the idea of the hashtag “joyspotting”. We should all have our radars out for moments of joy.

– If I lived in Austin I would team up with this Laura Victore.

Rainbow Neon Light.

– I want to live here.

– I love chickens. And I like this Chicken Run Print.

– Don’t miss the massive Spring Sale over at Tattly: Get 40% off until end of day Monday EST with discount code 40SPRING.

– My kids would approve of this pencil porcupine.

The world’s coolest passports (via)

Envelope Template. Love love love.

– This German Wall Calendar won my heart.

Modern By Dwell Magazine, Furniture and accessories at Target (via)

– Sometimes things that scare you aren’t actually all that scary.

How playing an instrument benefits your brain

– Season 3 of the CreativeMornings podcast is in full swing.

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Big thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed continously. Over the years, they have become a loyal and supportive partner in my labor of love.

After someone searches your name, what do you want them to see? If you’re like us, you want it to be something beautiful. Squarespace gives you the tools to create your own gorgeous portfolio website. Start with designer templates, an easy-to-use interface, and even your own domain. Then make the perfect first impression the next time someone looks you up. Try Squarespace free. When you decide to subscribe, use offer code SWISSMISS to get 10% off.

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Tattly in the Vogue Store

So proud of my team to see our Tattly featured in Vogue’s Online Shop!

Vive La Resistance

Vive La Resistance.

Heart Coaster and Trivet

Heart coaster and trivet. Lovely.

Key Tag

This key tag made me laugh!

White Polka Dot Bedding

Two thumbs up on this minimal, white polka dot bedding.


“Pay attention to what you pay attention to!”
– Amy Krouse Rosenthal


Half Half Travel

Half Half Travel is a beautifully creative project by a long-distance photographer couple. Their photos meet in the middle when they can’t.