This Made My Day

This email makes me happy. Had to share it. Building things that have an impact on other people’s lives = so so powerful and inspiring. What can I build next?

It’s Hard Being Two

My son is two. And let me tell you, it’s rough being two. Documented with this tumblr.

Explaining Twitter to Swiss TV

Here’s a link to an interview that Swiss TV did with me a few weeks ago about Twitter. Part of it aired on 10vor10 last night. So, if ever you wanted to hear me speak Swiss-German, here’s your chance.

The Great Discontent

photo by Stefan Falke for

I had the honor to chat with Ryan and Tina Essmaker of The Great Discontent, a journal focusing on creativity, risk, and what connects us as artists.

Our conversation is currently featured on their lovely site. Such an honor!

Also, make sure to check out these previous conversations with Dan Mall, Lisa Congdon, Phil Coffman, Mandy Brown, Kyle Steed, Chris Glass and Dan Rubin.

Swiss Army

My team, aka Swiss Army, stopped by my place yesterday and I couldn’t help but snap this photo all of them lined up on my couch. From left to right: Bekka Palmer (Enforcerer of Orders at Tattly), Yoko Ohama (Photoshop Zen at Tattly), Kevin Huynh (CreativeMornings Breakfast Lecture Series Specialist) and Rusty Meadows (Tattly Businessman). I can’t tell you enough how wonderful my team is. They hustle and have fun while doing so!

I posted the above photo on Instagram and Twitter and within minutes I was inundated with questions about the coffee table. So, I figured I might just post it here: It’s the OFFI Scando Table and I got it at Design Public.


YES!!!! Amit Gupta found a 10/10 matched bone marrow donor. I am beyond myself. I am *so* happy and relieved!

While the bone marrow transplant is anything but a walk in the park there is this huge giant rainbow of hope that he will come out of all of this completely fine!

Yay for Amit! Yay for the internets!


Mailchimp’s latest app, TinyLetter, makes it ridiculously easy to start your own mailing list and email newsletter. It’s a matter of minutes and you’re set to go. Pick a username and boom, you have your sign-up-page ready.

Mailchmp is fantastic service for maintaining business newsletters, but has too many bells and whistles for an individual that just wants to maintain a simple mailing list and send text email newsletter. That’s exactly what TinyLetter does best.

As Ben Chestnut, CEO of Mailchimp puts it: “You could think of TinyLetter as a “MailChimp Lite.” A more directionally accurate analogy would be, “Gmail on steroids.”

Read more about TinyLetter in this blog post.

Interested? Give TinyLetter a try yourself or subscribe to mine at:

The Power of Side Projects and Eccentric Aunts

The Power of Side Projects and Eccentric Aunts is the title of a talk I gave at FOWD New York in November of 2011. The talk is mostly about lessons I want to teach my kids, hoping that one day, they will be at a place in their lives where they are happy with the decisions they’ve made and most of all, love what they do.

If you’re interested in attending and upcoming event by the same folks of FOWD, you might want to look into Future InSights Live happening in Las Vegas in the end of April. They have some mighty fine speakers lined up. If you’re quick, you might be able to take advantage of the early bird special.

Happy My Birthday To You.

(photo from Girl Walk // All Day)

Today’s my birthday. Yay! I received the world’s most fantastic birthday present on 11/11/11 from my lovely friend Jessi Arrington. On that day, Jessi spoke at CreativeMornings/NewYork and ended her talk with a birthday rainbow parade. As an early birthday gift, she gave me the honor to lead the parade. (see above) And now, today is my birthday and I am looking at those photos with a giant smile on my face.

Happy my (rainbow) birthday to you!

Medicine Ice Lollipop

Our daughter is having a fever and is refusing to take her medicine. So, last night, I pulled a parenting-mcgyver and created a medicine-ice-lollipop. I am happy to report that it totally worked!

Next time I’ll add some natural food coloring to make it more look like an actual lollipop. In case you’re wondering what I used for the mold, it’s a Nespresso capsule. Is there such a thing as a lollipop mold? (Must ask Google…)

UPDATE: Lollipop molds exist! YES!

new: swissmiss shop

Look, I *just* launched a teeny tiny swissmiss shop. See that that ‘store tab’ up there?

A few months ago I had the idea of launching a store with limited edition products by designers I admire. And here we are. The plan is to keep it small and add a product a month, maybe two. The current products include:

Mobile Homes by Ben Light
Bookbow by Paul Octavious
3D Boy by Oliver Jeffers
Raven by Mark Weaver
FieldNotes Pack by Tattly

Visit the swissmiss shop.

Hope you like the selection! Waving from Brooklyn, with an e-commerce smile on my face!

Is Mercury In Retrograde?

Is Mercury in Retrograde is a question I asked myself a lot last week. Now I know. Considering just how much went wrong during my trip to Switzerland, I am not surprised the answer is currently YES.

Don’t know what it means, when Mercury is in retrograde? Read up here.

(via Sharon Lee)

Back from the Swiss Alps

Yesterday was our first day back in Brooklyn after 9 days in the Swiss Alps. We did a house swap with friends in the Appenzeller mountains and we could not have lived in a more stylish, designy house! (The only thing missing to make this absolutely perfect was an internet connection.) Here are a few impressions of our trip. #happytobeback

view from the Waldegg Restaurant in Teufen

view from the Eggli Restaurant in Appenzell

our amazing house swap living-room (yes, for real)

the completely stunning ‘office’ at our house swap home


always amazed at how tidy the Swiss keep their silverware arranged.

can’t get over the fact that my mom’s boyfriend owns 3 crocodiles. (seriously)

love this poster of my dad teaching at his former Apple computer school in Switzerland. Gotta love the perm action that’s going on in that picture.

my wonderful friend Martina came visit us from Munich. Here, she is taking in the view.

me speaking at the first TYPO St.Gallen. Thanks to Roland Stieger for the photo.

wishing for a wifi miracle

Some of you might have wondered about the light posting over the past few days. Well, clan Eisenberg traveled to Switzerland to visit my family. We did a house swap with an old friend of mine and so we are staying in the most stylish, designy place you can imagine. e are surrounded by lots of pieces by Eames and Corbusier. Heavenly, to say the least. Only draw-back: They have no wifi. And nor do the neighbors. Nada. Zilch. Kapputt. (Who knew? I just assumed everyone has wifi these days. Facepalm.)

Yes, I hear you all, it is great to disconnect, yadda yadda. But come on, just give me 10 minutes a day to have a teeny tiny looksie at the interwebs.

And as we are going to stay here all week, there will be unfortunately not much blogging goodness happening. Unless some wifi miracle will come upon us here in the lovely mountains of Appenzell.

I wish you all a fantastic week. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Gobble! Gobble!

Waving from the Swiss Alps.

(this is my first post done entirely on my iphone)

Happy Halloween

Here’s the current Halloween status at case Eisenberg. Can I just say what a good sport G is? Last year double rainbows, this year Superhero-family! He deserves a medal!

Happy Halloween everyone!

MFA Products Of Design

The brand new SVA MFA Product of Design Program, of which I am part of the faculty, is having their inaugural Information Session on November 5th. You have the chance to meet over twenty faculty members and Department Chair Allan Chochinov as they welcome prospective students, discuss the purpose and experience of the program, and answer questions. (I unfortunately won’t be able to make it myself.) But you can watch a video over on Vimeo in which I talk about what I’ll be teaching in my course and what my hopes are for this program.

The MFA in Products of Design is an immersive, two-year graduate program that prepares practitioners across various disciplines for leadership in the shifting terrain of design.

Interested in attending the Information Session? Make sure to R.S.V.P.

Film Biz Recycling Auction

Last week I discovered one of the *coolest* places in Brooklyn: The Film Biz Recycling House in the Gowanus area. It is a not-for-profit organization that takes all the movie set decorations, saves them from becoming trash and sells them. Visiting the Film Biz Recycling makes my heart beat faster. Think vintage radios and photo cameras, neon signs, bikes, furniture, file cabinets… and so on. I barely made it out without loading up my car.

Film Biz Recycling is organizing a real life auction together with the folks of Krrb and my wonderful studiomate Jessi Arrington. I had the honor to go in and pick a few pieces that will be auctioned off. My selection consists of:

- a stylish black sofa
- white and black suitcases that work as side tables
- a vintage photo camera
- two vintage books that made me chuckle when you read both titles together
- a mysterious metal box
- a rubber shark
- a silver metal looking tray/dish
- two toy cars
- a vintage radio
- and a huuuuuge vintage chalkboard.

Other selected items are curated by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy; Oliver Jeffers; and Andrew Wagner of Krrb.

Want to join in on the fun on november 3rd? Get tickets here so you can bid on rescued props, wardrobe, and furnishings hot off the sets of NYC productions! This will be fun! Think free beer, dollar tacos and live music!

Get your tickets before they’re all gone.


I consider myself the unofficial ambassador of Brooklyn. I moved to here 11 years ago and found a new home.

I live and work in Brooklyn. My work home is in DUMBO where my studio is overlooking the East River with stunning views on Manhattan.

DUMBO stands for “Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass” and is the sliver between the Manhttan and Brooklyn Bridge. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. Why? Well, I might be giving my secret away here, but, DUMBO let’s you fake small-town living in a big city. DUMBO’s streets are fairly quiet, and I like that. Yet, we look over to Manhattan and think “Oh, look, there’s NYC!”

The Walentas had a lot to do with what DUMBO is today, and I am eternally grateful to them for so masterfully curating this little neighborhood.

And then there is the DUMBO Business Improvement District Bureau that is run by some wonderful folks and they just launched a fantastic DUMBO resource site.

There’s lots to see in DUMBO and makes it easy to plan your visit in advance. See what’s happening in DUMBO on the Decoder page. Read up on some businesses that are residing in DUMBO.

And if you’d like to see some of my DUMBO suggestions, then check out my itinerary.

And most of all, bookmark the homepage:


UPDATE: Please go to to find out how you can help.

The amazing Amit Gupta, force behind Photojojo has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. His friends in the photography and tech communities have been rallying together to show their support and love in several ways and I’d like to encourage my swissmiss readers to do the same.

Here’s what you can do:

- Send Amit real mail to Yale-New Haven Hospital, Amit Gupta 11 220
Smilow Cancer Center 11 North, 20 York St., New Haven, CT 06511

- Add a message on

- Add a message to Yale-New Haven Hospital’s online board

- SoundCloud has created a space where well-wishers can send sound-based messages to Amit via SoundCloud’s Dropbox integration feature.

- Postagram has set up a code for folks to send Amit a free get-well-soon Postagram.

- Join me in sending Amit twitter messages by using the hashtag #4AMIT (image above)

UPDATE: Please go to to find out how you can help.

Amit, we’re sending tons of good energy!

(Thank you Yoko for applying the Deming Tattly message)
(via Raul / laughingsquid)

Change one decision in your life

Last night I had the honor to attend a Womens Salon organized by Acumen Fund founder Jacqueline Novgratz. At the event, we were asked to answer the following question:

If you could go back and change one decision in your life, what would it be?

I wish I would have embraced and trusted the entrepreneurial side in me earlier. If only I would have started my design studio BEFORE I had my first kid. For some reason I thought I first need to get a good 6 years of experience working for others until I could do it on my own. That’s not the case! You learn so much, and so much faster, when you are your own boss. And there is really nothing like working for yourself. When you’re younger, you have so much more flexibility. You can easily keep your overhead low and you can work late if necessary. I made it work, starting my first business when I had my daugther, but it could have been a much easier experience would I have started earlier. In my next life, I’ll be starting my first company in my early 20s.

What about you?

Yellow Things

What do you give someone that explicitly says she wants NO gifts for her birthday? Well, in the case of my studiomate Maria, force behind Brain Pickings, I set up a Tumblr blog called Yellow Things For Maria. Why? Well, Maria has quite an obsession with the color yellow, and I simply can not email her every time I see something that makes me think “Oh-Look-It’s-Yellow-I-Neeed-To-Send-This-To-Maria”. So, now I am secretly collecting yellow stuff. Quite fun, I must say.

(Let me know if you have any yellow things I should add, in a comment below.)

And, now all together: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA!

Just launched: Tattly

I have exciting news! We just launched Tattly, a temporary tattoo store for design-minded kids and kids-at-heart. After applying many bad-clip-art tattoos on my daughter Ella, I decided to stop complaining and take matters into my own hands. I was ready to put designy, cool, typographic tattoos on my daughter, or myself for that matter. The idea for Tattly was born.

I looked through my rolodex and reached out to fellow designers I admire to see what they thought of the idea. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Within days I received my first tattoo submissions. And now, a good two months later, we have a site, a team and an impressive fulfillment-centerlike-set-up in our studio. Team Tattly is ready to ship and rock the world of temporary tattoos.

I get giddy when looking at our current list of contributing designers.

Jessi Arrington: Color Burst
Jessica Hische: Type Nerd
Marc Johns: Rabbit
Julia Rothman: You’re Late, Robot, Polaroid Instant Camera
Frank Chimero: Knucks
James Victore: Scribble, I <3 NYC
Jason Santa Maria: Aperture
Chris Glass: Mother
Kelli Anderson: Carpe Futurum
Josh Smith: Cursors, Tattone
Jennifer Ward: Speak Up

Tattlys are perfect for people like me, that can’t commit to a real tattoo and for designer parents, that want to raise their kids with style. Tattlys make a perfect small gift and sure will make your friends smile. Can’t decide which one to get? For two weeks only, you’ll be able to buy the Launch Special Everything Pack! (Shipping is included in the US and only $2 internationally. Yes, we ship *everywhere*!)

I could not have done this without my awesome Tattly team Rusty and Yoko. And our newest Studiomates member Kevin, who proved be an impressivley talented temporary tattoo model. He was even game to model all Tattlys for the Everything Pack.

And then there are my wicked smart and talented studiomates of Oak. They developed the site with all that responsive goodness. (Go resize your browser window or try the site on a mobile device!) The shop runs on Shopify, which, according to Team Oak, “was almost as painless to set up as applying a Tattly to your bicep”. (I’ll be writing about the Shopify experience in the coming days, just so much for now: Their iPhone App ROCKS!)

It’s a big day here at swissmiss studios! Tattly is born! I am so happy I might burst.

Now, the question is: Which one is your favorite?

Swissmiss on The Brander

I am incredibly honored to be featured on The Brander, a fine Swiss online journal that features stories about brands and their creators, generated by renowned journalists and photographers. The independent publication is the creation of Zurich’s branding agency Branders and aims to portray big, small und exclusive brands from all over the world.

A big thank you to Roman Elsener for the article, Stefan Falke for the photography and Tessa Pfenninger for the translation.

Here’s the link to my feature: Tina Roth Eisenberg – a modern Swiss Miss

Collaborative Fund + Creative Mornings


I started CreativeMornings in september of 2009 wanting to create an accessible, inspring morning talk series. Little did I know that it would grow into a global series. With an evergrowing number of chapters, CreativeMornings currently take place in NYC, Zurich, LosAngeles, and SanFrancisco with Chicago kicking off this friday. A London chapter is starting in July and Berlin and Vancouver are going to be kicking off shortly after. All of this has came from the help of my fantastic hosts and their volunteers in every city. It’s impressive that my idea has been received such generous support. Every event fills up within minutes. (Take this week’s first ever Chicago CreativeMornings with Jim Coudal. It was full in a mere 3 minutes.)

And things are only going to get better. Why?

In the winter of 2010 I had the pleasure to meet Craig Shapiro, former president of GOOD Magazine and now force behind Collaborative Fund. Craig took me out to lunch and I could tell he was interested in CreativeMornings. To my surprise, he was so interested, he asked if he could become a partner. I was stunned to say the least. We are talking about a man that has invested in companies like KickstarterSkillshare and BankSimple. I was speechless.

Curious as to why he wanted to become a partner,  I continued to listed. He explained that he is drawn to CreativeMornings because of two important things:

a) There is a new breed of entrepreneurship and it is based on using creative facilities to solve big and small problems.

b) When you Bring like-minded (creative) people together, magic happens. New projects, job and business opportunities, friends and much more can all come from thee meaningful gatherings.

After my initial shock, I realized what an incredible gift it was to have met Craig. I can tell that he understands my vision for CreativeMornings and seems as excited as I am to make it happen. Craig obviously is a very smart business man and I am excited to know that I have a skilled partner to help me navigate the CreativeMornings ship. His support is allowing me to spend more time on CreativeMornings and focus on growing the series.

Beyond that, we here at Studiomates love when Craig comes and hangs out at our space. He is fueling our entrepreneurial spirts and is just an overall wonderful person to have around.

I am excited and incredibly humbled to be part of Collaborative Fund. This year cannot get any better, I think.

(raising my glass of bubbly stuff in excitement)