silk threads

Silk Threads

Old People Wearing Vegetation

Wearing Vegetation

double vision

Double Vision by Julia Robbs





Tulip Fields

Tulip Fields in Holland

Photojojo University

Phoneography 101

I am not there

I am not there

a room with a view

A Room With a View

Annie Edson Taylor

Barrel Woman

The iPhone Wrist Strap

The iPhone Wrist Strap

iphone cable trigger

The iPhone Cable Trigger

Maddie on my Desk

Maddie on my Desk

A somewhat unlucky house

A Somewhat Unlucky House

Dog Camera Cozy

Dog Camera Cozy

space suit design 1977

Space Suit Design in 1977

famous architects dressed as their buildings

Famous Architects Dressed a…

three way camera strap

3 Way Camera Strap



out of place

Out of Place

Pigeon Photos

Pigeon Camera

sling shot

The SlingShot

Flower The Book

Andrew Zuckerman / Flower


Birds of Aperture