Revolving Self Portrait

This revolving self-portrait by Felix Nadar is fascinating. See it animated over at the Retronaut.

Damien Rudd

For the Objects of Intimacy project Damien Rudd photographed 5 pillows from 5 different people. Each pillow is at a different stage of transformation relative to its age and frequency of use. Fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

(Thank you for this find, ItsNiceThat!)

Erin Sparling’s Camera Workflow

The Canon 5D Mark III has allowed Erin Sparling to create a quite absurd automatic photo workflow: The end result of this madness is that, while shooting in the studio, photos can be immediately reviewed on the ipad, projected on the wall, uploaded to Flickr and entered into his lightroom library, all by just pressing the shutter on his camera.

Erin Sparling is awesome.

Polaroid Postcards

Polaposts turn regular photos into mailable Polaroid prints by fitting them fashionably snug inside an iconic white bordered sleeve. A built-in seal keeps your print from slipping out and a writable backside makes for easy message scribbling. Just snip your photos to fit, slip ‘em inside then send them on their way. Instant happy!

Chase Jarvis on Workflow

Photographer/Director Chase Jarvis shares his workflow and backup for every image he shoots, stills and video alike. This in-depth look includes all the steps from capture to archive and gives you a method to ensure that you’ll never lose a single image.

(via 12rnd)

Flying Babies

Flying Babies by Rachel Hulin. (please don’t try this with your child)

(via That’s Ace)

Raul alone at Studiomates

SXSW left Raul alone at the South wing of Studiomates, so, logically, this is what he’s created:

Tumblr for Large Images

Zach Klein made a beautiful Tumblr Theme that accommodates large images, spanning the entire browser window. You can make it your theme for $49. The price is high to keep volume low (less customer support), and all profits go to Beaver Brook to continue the forest regeneration program Zach started there.


Legs: From the Peculiar Snapshots Set on Flickr.

The Lively Morgue

The New York Times has a new Tumblr featuring their archival photo collection, it’s called The Lively Morgue. They will be publishing several photographs each week, some of which will be available for purchase and some of which will be accompanied by a more extensive back story posted on the Lens blog. They will gradually digitize the tip of the iceberg of this enormous trove, guaranteeing its continued utility and accessibility in the future. Wonderful.

(via @helena)

The iPhone Rangefinder

Look what just launched over on lovely Photo Jojo: The iPhone Rangefinder is a phoneography system that gives your iPhone all the style of a classic camera. It’ll equip your phone with a shutter button, viewfinder, aperture numbers, two loops for a camera strap, and a tripod mount! Made me smile!

Maddie On Things

This photoblog called Maddie On Things makes me want to have a dog.

(Thank you Jon)

Christopher Payne

Linen Closets, Traverse City State Hospital, Michigan

Patient Toothbrushes, Hudson River State Hospital, New York

Bathtub, Fairfield State Hospital, Connecticut

Autopsy Theater, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Washington, DC

I just spent way too much time on Christopher Payne’s site, staring at photos of abandoned asylums and hospitals. Fascinating.

(Thank you Sarah)

Inside B&H conveyor system…

If you are a photo buff then you most probably know about the mothership of all photo stores, B&H, here in NYC. The most fascinating part of B&H has always been their conveyor system. Let’s say you decided to buy a new lens, you’re on the third floor, they’ll put that lens into a basket that then is being transported down to the register at the exit, silently ‘floating’ through the store.

The Lense folks secretly put a camera into one of the baskets to see how it works from the inside. Again, this might be only fascinating if you have actually been to B&H.

(via Coudal)


Polaboy, a giant lamp-like Polaroid frame, is one of the coolest ideas I have seen in a while. I completely want one for Studiomates.

Polaboys are enlarged Polaroids to a scale of 10:1 (to 88x107cm) and backlit. They are 20 mm thick and use energy-saving LED area lights. The frame is wooden and they are made in Germany. Also good to know: The photographs can be changed at any time and you can even send your custom image.

Polaboy: Art by day, Light by Night.


(via bblinks)

How Photographers Actually Spend Their Time

How Photographers Actually Spend Their Time.

Vintage Camera Pillows

Vintage Camera Pillows? Yes, lovely.

The Postiche Collection

Earlier today, I opened an envelope that entailed “The Postiche Collection” – a Limited Edition catalogue designed by Hampus Jageland.

I don’t think I have ever come across a more surprising and in some strange way fascinating imagery than this. Men with quilt-beards? It was created by Julian Wolkenstein and Paul Sharp.

I still don’t fully understand it, but consider me intrigued.

Where I am From…

While browsing the new *fantastic* Flipboard iPhone App I stumbled upon a photo essay on on Appenzell Innerrhoden, the place I grew up in Switzerland. (well, I grew up 20minutes from there, but I consider it my home) It’s one of the most charming, greenest places on earth. If you’re into hiking, this is your place.

Appenzell Innerrhoden is the smallest canton of Switzerland by population and the second smallest by area, Basel-City having less area. Wherever you look you see dairy farms which produce the amazing Appenzeller cheese. Next time you go to a cheese shop, ask them for Appenzeller. It’s a super-yumme hard cheese and comes in all kinds of ‘stinkiness levels’, at least in Switzerland. Here in the US I usually am only able to get one kind.

The images are by Jean-Yves Roure.

Fake Polaroids

Love these Fake iPhone Polaroids by NYC based photographer Stefan Falke. Tempted to buy a print.

View them all: Fake Polaroid Gallery 1 and Gallery 2.

Growing Bookbow

Whoa! Check out this timelapse of Paul Octavious’ Bookbow Print. So cool! (You can buy the print here)

Grandmother Tips

Grandmother Tips by Chacho Puebla. Made me chuckle.

(thanks Bekka / @matiascorea)

Bookbow by Paul Octavious

The stunning Bookbow Print by much admired Paul Octavious is one of the first products I am selling in my brand new swissmiss shop.

The idea behind my store is do only offer a hand-full of tightly curated, limited edition custom products by designers I love and admire. Paul Octavious is one of them. Paul knows about my love for rainbows and his book stacks, so he combined the two and Bookbow was born. I will most certainly hang one of these in my son’s room.

Bookbow, by Paul Octavious, available in 11″x14″ and in 16″x20″.


If you didn’t realize yet, today’s a magical date, 11/11/11! I think Paul Octavious captured it perfectly in his stacked books shot.

We kicked off the day with a CreativeMornings talk with Jessi Arrington which ended with a Rainbow Parade. Pretty magical, if you ask me. You can see some photos of the parade here and here.