Now here’s a useful online resource: Fotor allows you to easily edit your photos online; ranging from basic cropping to HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing. Impressive!

Impossible Instant Lab

Impossible Instant Lab Black

The Impossible Instant Lab transforms any digital image into a real, unique analog instant photo via your iPhone or iPod touch. Simply select any photo from your iPhone, place it on the Instant Lab and within seconds it ejects your analog photo, ready to develop in front of your eyes.


Heavy Load

Heavy Load

I saw this image and thought: That woman is me. That big giant ball of hay, my inbox.


Shuts down computer and goes to bed. Good night.

Apollo Space Suits

Apollo Space Suits

Wow! Astronauts Irwin and Bull modeling the Apollo IVA (Intravehicular Activity) and (EVA) Extravehicular Activity spacesuits. I am grateful I have no dress code at the office.

Apollo 1 Astronauts

Apollo 1 Astronauts Working by the Pool

This print of Apollo 1 Astronauts Working by the Pool made me smile. It shows them practicing water egress procedures in a swimming pool at Ellington Air Force Base (EAFB), Houston, Texas. Astronaut Edward H. White II rides life raft in the foreground. Astronaut Roger B. Chaffee sits in hatch of the boilerplate model of the spacecraft. Astronaut Virgil I. Grissom, third member of the crew, waits inside the spacecraft. June, 1966.

I totally want one of these prints for our studio! Available over on PrintCollection.

Filter Fakers

Filter Faker

Filter Fakers is a collection of Instagram photos tagged #nofilter, revealing what filter they did in fact use. Makes me think a lot of people don’t know what #nofilter means.

(via @thulme)

Stefan Falke | iPhone NYC

Stefan Falke

I keep coming back to Stefan Falke’s iPhone NYC series, which he’ll be showing at Galleria La Tentacion in Tijuana, Mexico this September.

Road To The North

Andy Lee

Beautiful photograph by Andy Lee!

(via Murketing)

The Pocket Reflector

Pocket Reflector

Phones don’t have the most sophisticated exposure controls, that’s where the Pocket Reflector comes in handy. Hold it opposite your main light source to bounce light back onto your subject. The white side reflects soft natural light. The silver side bounces back bright concentrated light. No batteries, harsh flashes or fancy pants required.

Also, the last line on the product description made me giggle: What if we told you we know a guy in New York with 7 pet camels? Then, we’d be lying to you, and we’d never do that.

40 Yearbook Photos, 1 Outfit

teacher wears same outfit075716-dale-irby

Dale Irby, a retired physical education teacher from Dallas, Texas wore the same outfit in every yearbook photo for forty years. Check out the full slideshow over on

Stories like this one make me happy. So happy.

Vintage Film Canisters

Vintage Film Canisters

A hommage to the old analog photo days: Vintage Film Canisters Print by Peter Hamilton.


Take your analogue DIY experience to the extreme and build your own 35mm plastic SLR camera with the Konstruktor set by Lomography.

(Thanks Matthew)

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

The Lomography Film Scanner affordably scans 35mm film and slides right to your smartphone. It adjusts to fit any phone. Smart, says the woman hat has a stack of negatives in her closet.

Has anyone of you tried this yet?

The Bioscope

Consider me intrigued by the bioscope, a project by Jon Stam & Simon de Bakker. It was inspired by an early movie projector of the same name and is a medium to experience memories in relative time. By rotating the handle, the digital (or digitized home) movie is animated frame by frame, forward or in reverse, relative to the speed and direction that is used to turn the dial.

More info.

(via kidsroomzoom)

Pick Digicam


My seven year old is getting more and more interested in photography. This Pick Digicam might be a fun little camera for her to use on the go. Simply plug it into your USB port to charge or download images. Requires a Micro SD card which will give you hundreds of images on one charge. No batteries needed, works with both Mac and Windows!

A Visual Compendium of Cameras

A Visual Compendium of Cameras

The Visual Compendium of Cameras is a meticulously illustrated catalog of 100 landmark cameras, culled from over a century of photographic history. A beauty.

(via explore)

The Crankerator

The Crankerator

The Crankerator lets you charge you iPod/iPhone/iPad on the go, when you’re far away from any outlets. It includes a micro USB cable so you can charge it up, via your computer or wall socket, before you hit the road! Brilliant!

Photoshop Blend Modes Explained

photoshop blend modes explained

In this blog post photographer Robert Thomas explains how blend modes work in Photoshop. He shows how to manipulate blend layers through keyboard shortcuts, as well explains the actual mathematical operations that drives each mode.

(Thanks Khoi)

creature book

New York based photographer Andrew Zuckerman just launched a new site featuring his growing library of animal photography. includes over 400 images from the expanding catalogue along with taxonomical data for each of the species.

(Wish there was a keyboard shortcut to switch between the photos. Or did I miss this?)

Animals Dressed As People

Animals Dressed as People5155e9012e0115155e756e0c8e

I find these fashion photos of animals dressed as people by Yago Partal oddly charming.

(Thank you Keef)

Kite Hill

Kite Hill

Paul Octavious is selling the Kite Hill print. Oh summer, you’re so close!

Silk Threads

silk threads

A collection of antique silk threads. Yes to seeing beauty in the mundane.

Wearing Vegetation

Old People Wearing Vegetation

This is fascinating in a refreshingly absurd way: Old People Wearing Vegetation.

Created by Riittai Konen and Karoline Hjorth.

(via bb)

Double Vision by Julia Robbs

double vision

In an email earlier today, our Tattly photographer Julia Robbs, told me about her brand spanking new site. (Which has a Tattly section! Yay!) The site is beautiful and shows what an incredible talent she is. But what got me most excited is the fact that she now offers the Double Vision photograph as a print. I think I might be developing a pigeon obsession.