The Story of Polaroid

This coming October, Princeton Architectural Press is publishing a new book titled Instant: The Story of Polaroid by Christopher Bonanos. It documents the story of visionary genius founder, Edwin Land, and how he grew Polaroid from a 1937 garage startup into a billion-dollar pop-culture phenomenon. Steve Jobs considered Land a personal hero and modeled Apple after Polaroid.

PhotoShelter / Luminance

Photoshelter is putting on a conference here in NYC called Luminance on September 12-13. The 2-day conference will feature speakers that help create, consume and define photography in a myriad of ways. Photographers, technologists, designers and those who care about the direction of photography should attend.

The speaker roster is nothing short of impressive. I am definitely going to try to attend. And yay, it’s affordable!


I want to be riding a cloud right now.

(found via The Coolhunter Instagram Stream, anyone know who made this?)


I am so happy to have discovered Pixable: It aggregates photos and videos shared by my friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Think of it as your unified photo inbox.

I admit, the only reason why I log into Facebook is to look at my friend’s photos, but I really don’t like the experience. Pixable fixes that for me. Their iPhone App is now part of my daily routine. No more login into Facebook. Yay!

(Thank you Oz)

London Olympics 1908

These photos of the 1908 London Olympics are all kinds of wonderful. Oh, how the times have changed.

Then and Now

This touching NewYorkTimes Interactive Feature documents some of the athletes who represented the United States at the 1948 London Games.

Above you see Alice Coachman, the first black woman to win an Olympic gold medal, and the only female American athlete to win gold in track and field at the 1948 Games.

(Thank you Yoko)


Astro adds pan and tilt movement to your camera, and it allows you to set up time lapse programs by defining the duration, the range of movement; which goes from 0 to 360°, and the interval in degrees or seconds in which you want the photos to be taken.

I am happy to see that this Kickstarter project has already reached its goal even though it still has 16 days to go.

The iPhone Shutter Grip

I rarely schlepp my SLR camera around with me these days. Chasing my 2 year old means carrying as little things as possible, so the iPhone ends up being my main photo camera. (I know, sad statement right there) That’s why I like the idea of the iPhone Shutter Grip. Has anyone tried it?


If you live in Milwaukee, you most certainly know what #alleyshrimp is all about. It’s a Twitter hashtag my friends started using a few months back to document “photos of things where they don’t belong.”

The hashtag-loving-group has grown from a close-knit group of colleagues in Mailwaukee’s Third Ward to include dozens of unconnected and international street photographers. (check out the growing collection)

I have contributed and there’s rarely a day that goes by where I don’t spot something on the street and think #ALLEYSHRIMP!

And now, the innocent hashtag movement is turning into a Gallery Night Exhibit. If you live close to Milwaukee, make sure to make it to the Opening tomorrow!

Here’s another Article about the #alleyshrimp phenomenon.

So proud of my friends Bridget, Gretchen and Bradley for pulling this off. Wish I could be there tomorrow! Hat tip from Brooklyn to my Milwaukee posse!


Coastermatic is a brand new service that lets you print your Instagram photos onto round sandstone coasters. I just ordered 4 and I am impressed at the ease of picking the images and the well designed check-out process. My favorite is the confirmation screen (above) that shows my 4 picks in a box.

Coastermatic is a side project by Brooklyn-based SVA MFA Interaction Design Students Tom Harman and Tash Wong. I am impressed!

The Swivl

The Swivl is kinda like having your own camera crew! Just stick your iPhone or Android (under 11mm thick) in the stand, and it’ll follow your every move via a small sensor that you wear. Now, you can shoot video of yourself or your friends without worrying about who’s going to hold the camera.


Polaroid Photos Frame

Ever tried to nicely frame a Polaroid photo? Exactly. The Swiss folks behind took matters into their own hands and created this Polaroid Frame. Lovely.

Photographer: Pascal Perich

I just had the most lovely interaction with a photgrapher named Pascal Perich here in my studio. During our photo shoot he shared some colorful stories of his life as a photographer. Definitely the most fun I’ve ever had during a photo shoot. Plus, Pascal’s work is stunning. See for yourself.

Blurb Instagram Books

Blurb’s Instagram Books make me so happy. Can’t wait until my son’s It’s Hard Being Two Tumblr has enough images to make a book out of it. We live in such an exciting time. The fact, that anyone (with a computer and internet connection) can create books on the fly, is simply amazing.

I love the internets.

Stilla – a gyroscopic camera

I haven’t seen an app that made me go “wowwweee” in a long time. Stilla just did.

Stilla’s photo results resemble a crystal, a 3D object made of facets blending into each other as you turn it in your hand. You can share these fully interactive 3D objects with everyone online, in the browser, full screen. It works best with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari or Firefox. (Yes, in this order.)

Stilla is a modern interpretation of the photo you keep in your wallet. A moment to hold in your hand. See for yourself, go to and rotate the example photo.

Cool Hunting Video: Photobooth

At last Friday’s 99% Conference, I had the pleasure to experience the magic of old Tintype Portrait Photography. Michael Shindler brought his tintype studio set up all the way from SF to the 99% conference and set up shop.

In this Cool Hunting video they talk to Michael, co-founder of Photobooth. If you are in SF, make sure to go by and have one of these Tintype Portraits taken. Nothing really compares.

Also check out the piece about Photobooth at 99% on the conference website.


Yay! Finally a way to access your Instagram photos on the web: Brenden Mulligan was tired of waiting for Instagram to build a web view, so he did it himself: Webbygram.

(via @trincia)

Revolving Self Portrait

This revolving self-portrait by Felix Nadar is fascinating. See it animated over at the Retronaut.

Damien Rudd

For the Objects of Intimacy project Damien Rudd photographed 5 pillows from 5 different people. Each pillow is at a different stage of transformation relative to its age and frequency of use. Fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

(Thank you for this find, ItsNiceThat!)

Erin Sparling’s Camera Workflow

The Canon 5D Mark III has allowed Erin Sparling to create a quite absurd automatic photo workflow: The end result of this madness is that, while shooting in the studio, photos can be immediately reviewed on the ipad, projected on the wall, uploaded to Flickr and entered into his lightroom library, all by just pressing the shutter on his camera.

Erin Sparling is awesome.

Polaroid Postcards

Polaposts turn regular photos into mailable Polaroid prints by fitting them fashionably snug inside an iconic white bordered sleeve. A built-in seal keeps your print from slipping out and a writable backside makes for easy message scribbling. Just snip your photos to fit, slip ’em inside then send them on their way. Instant happy!

Chase Jarvis on Workflow

Photographer/Director Chase Jarvis shares his workflow and backup for every image he shoots, stills and video alike. This in-depth look includes all the steps from capture to archive and gives you a method to ensure that you’ll never lose a single image.

(via 12rnd)

Flying Babies

Flying Babies by Rachel Hulin. (please don’t try this with your child)

(via That’s Ace)

Raul alone at Studiomates

SXSW left Raul alone at the South wing of Studiomates, so, logically, this is what he’s created: