Lucky So and So

The internet just got a little more colorful. Why? My lovely studiomate Jessi Arrington of Workshop just launched her brandnew shiny blog. Yay!

Remember Rainbow Birthday? Well, that was Jessi. I am not surprised that she sports a rainbow and color categories on her site.

Make sure to have a looksie at her about page. Jessi makes me smile on a daily basis here at the studio and I am glad I can get my digital fix now, when she’s not around. The world needs more Jessis.

Please enjoy:

impromptu rainbow

Impromptu rainbow, made from acrylic paint attached to a windshield wiper. This is genius and makes me happy.

(thank you Summer)

Rainbow Jell-o

Rainbow Jell-o. Yes, I just went to rainbow heaven.

(Jessi, Liz, it has happened, I started a Rainbow Category)

Fake Rainbow

The world needs more (Fake) Rainbows.

Bobble | Water Bottle with Built In Filter

Have you ever gone completely gaga over a waterbottle? I did! I was given a Bobble and am loving it. What’s so cool about it? It has a built in water filter! So when you’re on the go you can just keep filling up your Bobble with regular tab water. No need to buy bottled water. Yay, right?

I have come across similar bottles before, but they were an offense to my aesthetics. Bobble looks fabulous! Its design is minimal, stylish and they come in a rainbow of colors. Bobble will be my new favorite gift!

swissmiss hearts Bobble.

Rainbow Pancakes

This is for you Liz and Jessi: YES! Rainbow Pancakes!

(via inspireddays)

Super Epic Rainbow Cake


How fabulous is this Super Epic Rainbow Cake?

(thank you jessi)

A Pencil Rainbow

pencil rainbow

500 pencils = 25 colors x 20 months

rainbow cake


Rainbow cake from Omnomnom. Made me smile.

(via design scouting)

Songs About Rainbows


Songs About Rainbows

(thanks doug)

Rainbow Chart


Rainbow Chart by Shannon Lucy

just ordered:


Etsy find of the day: Rainbow Windowpanes Infant or Toddler Dress – Choose Your Size. Just ordered for Ella. Wheee!

rainbow in your hand


Rainbow in your hand flip book. Fantastic. Poetic.

(via senorita puri)

rainbow car


I want a car in these colors. I mean all of them. Stripy fun.

rainbow + air canada


I agree with ChrisGlass: Sometimes Rainbows Work.

rainbow umbrella

Picture 1

Color Wheel Umbrellaicon: I think it’s time for me to introduce a new category: Umbrellas. Right G?

how do you organize your books?


Wish I had such a big built in wall-bookshelf, I’d organize my books by color as well…