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I just learned about See.Me and I am intruiged. It’s an online community for creative types and aims to help support your passion for what you create, what you do and what you aspire to.

Create a profile, share the best of what you do and gain recognition and support within the vibrant international community. See.Me is a modern version of the old patron concept: See work you like? Support the artist with a small donation. Beautiful! The creative community supporting each other? It doesn’t get better!

(thanks Devin)

Made In NY Map

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 1.34.54 PM

Do you run a digital company in NYC, a co-working space or are you an investor? If yes, did you add yourself on the Made In NY Digital Map? I just did.

Brand new: Siteleaf


My super talented studiomates of Oak just launched Siteleaf, a simple content management for your site.

Oak believes content management systems should be simple but not overly simplified. They believe you should own your content and that your sites should be able to outlive their CMS. Agreed.

Choose from their three plans and take advantage of the 14-day trial period.

Anyone who has ever had to design for mobile will love, a site that helps you quickly find the screen specifications of the most popular devices and monitors currently on the market.

Thank you office neighbors, TypeCode.

Shopify Build-A-Business Competition Winners

Love this video that Shopify put together to celebrate the winners of their third Build-A-Business Competition. It was quite the honor to meet all of the winners a few weeks ago here in NYC and to get to hand-over the substantial check to the founders of Goldie Blox.

My team and I won in the Arts and Design category with Tattly last year. I will never forget getting that call from Shopify HQs telling us we won. My entire team danced through our hallways! Being on the other side, as a mentor this year, was obviously quite moving. All of the winners impressed me on so many levels.

I have huge respect for Harley and his team, for putting this competition together. The impact is huge.

And if you’re thinking of starting an e-commerce business, look no further:



Team Telecast wants to cut through the messy, noisy, uneven field of online video and deliver only the good stuff. Just like TV used to.

That’s why they built a iOS app that delivers three video “shows” that combine the best videos personalized to your taste. The videos are picked by real humans.

I am psyched to see they have a /purpose page. An idea that was started by my studiomates of FictiveKin.

(via Amrit)

Send Money with Gmail

Google Wallet is now integrated into Gmail. This means you can securely send money to friends and family in the U.S without leaving your Gmail inbox. Smart.

Square Stand

square stand

Square Stand turns your iPad into a point of sale register. Makes me want to open a store, just so I can own one.

Download Gmail Message App

Merlin Man's Email App

Merlin Mann built an email app that only lets you *send* email, not read them. It directs you straight to Gmail’s “Compose Message” window in a new tab of your default browser.

Set it as your Mac’s default email app and—BOOM!—every time OS X needs to create an email message, you get to just send email without having to look at email.


(via 99u)

How To Work With Creative People

How to work with creative people

How To Work With Creative People is a growing archive of advice and thoughts on how to best work with creative people. A wonderful project by Amrit Richmond.

Ride The City

Ride The City

Ride the City helps you find safe bike routes in cities. At this point their service includes various US, French, Spanish, Australian and Canadian cities. Ride the City finds the shortest and safest distance between two points, avoiding roads that aren’t meant for biking. Fantastic resource!

(Thanks Chris)


Perks pulls all job perks currently listed over on Authentic Jobs. Love this.

Twitter Music

twitter music

Twitter finally launched its much-anticipated Music App. It lets you see what music is trending, emerging and find new music from artists you follow. Smart.

We Are Portland

We Are Portland

Love the simple idea behind We Are Portland.

(thanks Tsilli)

GIF Reactions

Animated Gif reactions

Ever wished you could easily find an animated GIF for a specific reaction? YES! This is quite wonderful. Claps.

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Bye Punchfork. Hello Hugspoon.


I remember the sad day Punchfork announced they are going to shut down their app and site. While I am thrilled for the team for having been acquired by Pinterest, I can’t help but feel disappointed. I am tired of falling in love with services that then get acquired and shut down. I have developed a serious case of FSP (Free-Services-Paranoia).

I remember bringing this up over lunch at work which resulted in a long, philosophical conversation, and the shortly to be lauched Hugspoon. My friends at Fictive Kin realized just how incredibly disappointed and sad I was over Punchfork going away. They decided to go on a rescue mission and build Hugspoon, which aims to save all of your Punchfork recipes.

As the shut down of Punchfork is a mere few days away, my studiomates just put up the holding page for Hugspoon which will help them save your account information. If you want to be notified when they launch, just type in your email on their current homepage. If you have a Punchfork username and want them to save the recipes you liked, you can type that in, too. They’ll do their best to save your data before Punchfork disappears. If you want to learn more about why they’re doing this, check out their /purpose.


Jolidrive allows you to access all your content from across multiple services (Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram, etc) with one login. Impressive.

(via Michael)



Draft seems like a great tool for collaborative writing. Unlike with Google Doc, Draft collaborators can’t overwrite the master copy. When you share your document using Draft, any changes your collaborator makes are on their own copy of the document, and you get to accept or ignore each individual change they make. Interesting. See all Draft features listed here.

Quotes & Accents

quotes and accents

A reference guide to type smart quotes and accented characters:

(via Jessica)

The Maker Map

The Maker Map

The Maker Map is an open source project aiming to create a global database of maker resources – from workspaces to incubators – powered by the maker community and easily searchable on any device. Come on, let’s add resources everyone!


Tapestry story

Today the team of Tapestry made me laugh out loud with a link to this Tapestry Story titled #itshardbeingtwo. It’s best experienced on the iPhone, so do yourself a favor and download the app. Tapestry is a fun new way to tell and experience stories. Congrats betaworks, consider me a fan.

Was It Worth It

Was it Worth It

Was It Worth It is an iPhone app that lets you quickly assess whether projects you’ve done were worth doing or not according to how much Fun, Knowledge or Money you’ve gained from them. It’s always a good idea to reflect on projects, not sure if you need an app for it, but I definitely like the idea.


Outbox is a fascinating new service that helps you manage your postal mail like email. Here’s how it works: They pick up your mail from your mailbox three days a week, take it to their secure warehouse, open, scan and store your mail. You then can access your mail anywhere on your iPad or the web. If you click “request” on any piece of mail, they’ll deliver any requested mail in a beautiful package right to your front door or front desk twice a week. And they shred and recycle any unrequested mail after 30 days.

I am definitely intrigued by the idea of accessing all my mail digitally. But am not ready, adventurous enough to sign up for this yet.



Koken is brand new, offering photographers, designers and artists a new kind of publishing platform. Koken focuses primarily on images, can be used on your own web server, and offers publishing tools for web sites. It is interestingly enough completely free. Having experienced the free model myself with TeuxDeux, I can honestly say I have become wary of using services that don’t charge. Yes, I had a complete change of heart. Why? Hosting and upkeep of a web service is expensive. With so many services shutting down or being aquired these days, I am afraid of investing time in a service that might not exist in a year or so.

In this blog post the Koken founders explain why they want to keep it free. I hope they can make it work.