Do Lectures Blog

Do Lectures Blog

The fine folks over at Do Lectures just launched their brand new blog. Definitely bookmarking this one.

STET by Editorially


My studiomates of Editorially just launched STET, a writers’ journal on culture & technology. STET’s goal is to demystify writing by drawing attention to how writing works. It pairs good writing with notes that explain what makes writing good. Topics range across culture and technology, with special attention paid to the intersections between them.

STET is published by Editorially, a fantastic collaborative writing and editing platform. Team Editorially never ceases to amaze. Such good and smart folks.

Tick To-Do App

FastCo Design wrote a blog post about a new To-Do App called Tick. I am fascinated how people organize their work flow and can definitely see the appeal of this one.

I use my own app called TeuxDeux.

Podcast Thing

podcast thingnate burgos

Podcast thing features brief interviews with interesting folks who share their favorite podcasts. A project by Max Temkin and Veronica Corzo-Duchardt to help people find great podcasts to listen to.

UI Stencils Case

UI Stencil Case

I can hear user interface designers rejoice over this UI Stencil Case!



Now here’s a useful online resource: Fotor allows you to easily edit your photos online; ranging from basic cropping to HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing. Impressive!

Designers & Books Book Fair

Designers & Books Book Fair

Your heart is about to go pitter patter if you are a lover of design books. The fine folks of Designers & Books launched an impressive Online Book Fair, featuring nearly 400 books about design from 13 internationally distinguished publishers.

Hold on to your wallet, some of the books at the Fair are being offered at discounts of up to 50% off their retail price.

The Designers & Books Online Book Fair provides a well crafted browsing and discovery experience of books online. I was especially impressed by the refined search, sort, and filter capabilities.

The Book Fair includes books about architecture, fashion, graphic design, interior design, landscape design, product and industrial design, urban design—and all related design fields: 14 in total. Impressive!

New books and publishers will constantly be added to the site. Check out the site! Congrats to team Designer & Books. Well done!

UX Archive

UX Archive

Any UX Designer working on mobile apps will love UX Archive, a project by Arthur Bodolec, co-founder of Feedly. UX Archive simply documents and archives interesting iOS apps’ user flows. Incredibly helpful for designers who are working on specific tasks like onboarding, creating a list, deleting a list, signing up users etc.

Check it out:

Etsy Pages

swissmiss on Etsy

I was thrilled when the fine folks over at Etsy reached out to me and asked if I would like to be one of the first bloggers equipped with what they call Etsy Pages. My love for Etsy and what it stands for, is so big, how could I say no? They just launched the project today which means you can now follow my swissmiss Etsy Page to discover some of my favorite and recent finds.

I’d recommend you also check out other curated pages such as Sweet Paul Magazine, Walker Art Center and Martha Stewart Weddings. And here is Etsy’s official announcement of Pages.

do not link

do not link

Most of us know that linking to a questionable website will stengthen its position in search engines. But using when linking to questionable websites will prevent your links from improving these websites’ position in search engines. I’ll definitely make use of this in the near future.

(via Jon)

Sticky Jots

sticky jots

Do you design User Interfaces for mobile devices? Then you might like the idea behind Sticky Jots: They are sticky notes and chipboard bases for sketching of mobile and tablet apps. The notepads come with 50 sheets per pad and the bases are made out of chipboard. Great idea.


Mightybell from Mightybell on Vimeo.

I discovered Mightybell while researching services that allow you to create mini social networks on the web.

I am part of a quarterly womens salon here in the city, with incredibly inspiring members, but there’s no simple resource where I can see who is part of this small community.

Do you know of similar services like Mightybell that would allow our group to create a small, pretty, private social network online?

An All New Designers & Books

Designers And Books

Woah! Designers & Books has a new look! If you’re into books on design, this site is for you. The Designer & Books team believes that books are an important source of inspiration for creativity, innovation, and invention. And for people that share this love for books, they publish lists of books that esteemed members of the international design community identify as important, meaningful. Pages full of lists with formative—books that have shaped their values, their worldview, and their ideas about design.

From Vitruvius to William Morris to Frank Lloyd Wright to Edith Wharton to Le Corbusier to Paul Rand—there has always been a particularly special and robust relationship between designers and books: reading them, writing them, designing them, collecting them, learning from them, and being inspired by them. Designers & Books celebrates that relationship.

Check out the growing roster of designers that share the books that influenced them the most. Ever wondered what books Michael Bierut, Paula Scher or John Maeda would recommend? Or what the Notable design books of 2013 are? Ever wondered what books feature a designer as the main character? Or what the recently published books in graphic design are? Designers & Books answers all of that.

I can’t praise Designers & Books enough. I loved the site before the redesign, but now, well, I want to move in. Congratulations, Steve Kroeter and Team!

EduPunks’ Atlas

EduPunks' Atlas

EduPunks’ Atlas is a sortable database of educational resources from the EduPunks’ Guide and around the web.

What an absolutely fantastic resource! So many organizations and sites I’ve never heard of. Learning!


The first public demonstration of Macaw, a code savvy web design tool! Interesting!

Meet The Ipsums

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 5.38.39 PM

Finally, a beautifully designed Lorem Ipsum resource, offering themed placeholder copy. Some of the Ipsum options are: Cororate, Pirate, Bacon, Cupcake, Gangsta or Cat.

(via Khoi)



I canceled our Zendesk subscription today as my Tattly support team prefers HelpScout. I personally think Zendeks is a great support ticketing service, I especially like their iPad app. I had nothing bad to say about Zendesk, until I canceled my account a minute ago and got the above cancelation screen. Ouch! Talk about harsh and undesigned. Don’t slam the door into a former customer’s face. Just don’t. Be thoughtful, courteous and graceful until the very end. Please.

Update: Thanks for all your comments. I added a response below as well.


Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 12.19.26 PM

How often do you come across a website that makes you jump out of your seat of excitement? I just did: Behomm is a house swap website for designers and visual artists only. The homes featured on the site are stunning, absolutely breathtaking.

I am a big believer in house swaps, we do it every year with ‘friends of friends’ in Switzerland. You know: I stay at your house while you stay at my house.

Behomm is by invitation only.


Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 10.09.39 PM

Four&Sons brings together an eclectic mix of inspiring ‘dog-centric’ content to dog-lovers passionate about culture and creativity. Really nicely done, makes me want to own a dog. Why aren’t parenting/kids sites this stylish?



If you design apps for mobile devices, you will love PortKit. It shows you each Cocoa UI Element in iOS 6 and its Android 4 widget version, side by side, so you can compare them easily and find the correct equivalent when porting an app.

Wow! What an amazing resource. And what a wonderful generous spirit of the Kintek folks to share it all.

(via Khoi)


see me

I just learned about See.Me and I am intruiged. It’s an online community for creative types and aims to help support your passion for what you create, what you do and what you aspire to.

Create a profile, share the best of what you do and gain recognition and support within the vibrant international community. See.Me is a modern version of the old patron concept: See work you like? Support the artist with a small donation. Beautiful! The creative community supporting each other? It doesn’t get better!

(thanks Devin)

Made In NY Map

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 1.34.54 PM

Do you run a digital company in NYC, a co-working space or are you an investor? If yes, did you add yourself on the Made In NY Digital Map? I just did.

Brand new: Siteleaf


My super talented studiomates of Oak just launched Siteleaf, a simple content management for your site.

Oak believes content management systems should be simple but not overly simplified. They believe you should own your content and that your sites should be able to outlive their CMS. Agreed.

Choose from their three plans and take advantage of the 14-day trial period.

Anyone who has ever had to design for mobile will love, a site that helps you quickly find the screen specifications of the most popular devices and monitors currently on the market.

Thank you office neighbors, TypeCode.