FREITAG’s new cyclable handbag F60 JOAN went on vacation in Zurich, Davos, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Tokyo, New York, Paris and Amsterdam. Documented in this little gem of a video:

FREITAG – F60 JOAN from FREITAG lab. ag on Vimeo.

F61 Betty

I absolutely love this new FREITAG bag design, called F61 Betty. I am all for shoulder loops! In case you’re not familiar with FREITAG: Their bags are made out of old truck tarp and are pretty much indestructible. And best of all, each bag is unique.

Switzerland does everything for your perfect summer holiday.

This Switzerland commercial made me smile and miss my childhood home.

(Thank you Alex)


SWISSVIEW is my new go-to-iPad-app when I am in desperate need of some major zen. It features more than 1,600 films of spectacular helicopter footage of Switzerland. Every film comes with useful information on the overflown regions and places. Nice.

(thank you Ted)

Peter Megert

Thinkingform posted the above graphic by Swiss designer Peter Megert. I find the three interlocking arrows fascinating.


These breakfast/cutting boards made out of melamine made me look and smile. They are by Anstalt, a Zurich based design studio. Order them here. (site is in German only)

M Lamp

Starting february 29th you’ll be able to buy this M Lamp at the M-STARS store. Go MIGROS, this is way cool!

(For those of you that don’t know what MIGROS is: It’s one of the biggest Supermarket (and services beyond) chains in Switzerland. I grew up shopping at MIGROS and these fan-products make me smile.)


swissted is an ongoing project by NYC based graphic designer Mike Joyce. Drawing from his love of punk rock and Swiss modernism, two movements that have absolutely nothing to do with one another, Mike has redesigned vintage punk, hardcore, and indie rock show flyers into international typographic style posters. Each poster is sized to the standard Swiss kiosk dimensions of 35.5 inches wide by 50 inches high and set in Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk medium, all lowercase. Every single one of these shows actually happened.

(thank you Anne)

Where I am From…

While browsing the new *fantastic* Flipboard iPhone App I stumbled upon a photo essay on on Appenzell Innerrhoden, the place I grew up in Switzerland. (well, I grew up 20minutes from there, but I consider it my home) It’s one of the most charming, greenest places on earth. If you’re into hiking, this is your place.

Appenzell Innerrhoden is the smallest canton of Switzerland by population and the second smallest by area, Basel-City having less area. Wherever you look you see dairy farms which produce the amazing Appenzeller cheese. Next time you go to a cheese shop, ask them for Appenzeller. It’s a super-yumme hard cheese and comes in all kinds of ‘stinkiness levels’, at least in Switzerland. Here in the US I usually am only able to get one kind.

The images are by Jean-Yves Roure.

Caran D’Ache Red Metal Pen

Oh, the (Swiss) memories that just flashed in front of my eyes upon discovering the Caran D’Ache Red Metal Pen over at Kaufmann Mercantile. Trust me, these pens are a pleasure to write with and last forever, as you can refill them easily. Two swissmiss thumbs up!

Back from the Swiss Alps

Yesterday was our first day back in Brooklyn after 9 days in the Swiss Alps. We did a house swap with friends in the Appenzeller mountains and we could not have lived in a more stylish, designy house! (The only thing missing to make this absolutely perfect was an internet connection.) Here are a few impressions of our trip. #happytobeback

view from the Waldegg Restaurant in Teufen

view from the Eggli Restaurant in Appenzell

our amazing house swap living-room (yes, for real)

the completely stunning ‘office’ at our house swap home


always amazed at how tidy the Swiss keep their silverware arranged.

can’t get over the fact that my mom’s boyfriend owns 3 crocodiles. (seriously)

love this poster of my dad teaching at his former Apple computer school in Switzerland. Gotta love the perm action that’s going on in that picture.

my wonderful friend Martina came visit us from Munich. Here, she is taking in the view.

me speaking at the first TYPO St.Gallen. Thanks to Roland Stieger for the photo.

Typo St.Gallen (Conference)

I am thrilled to be speaking at a small conference near my hometown in Switzerland on saturday november 19th. Typo St.Gallen is focusing on typographic topics and asks the question if there’s still such a thing is typical Swiss typography. If you live close to St.Gallen, consider getting a ticket, there’s only a few left. You should know though that the conference will be held in German. (not sure how that will work out, me presenting in German, should be interesting)

Migros Bag

This bag brings back a lot of childhood memories: It’s the packaging iconography of my favorite ice-cream from when I was a kid in Switzerland.

Retirement Facitlity Signage

This is not your usual wayfinding system. Hat tip to Tina Staeheli for designing this refreshing, minimal signage system for a (fancy) Swiss retirement home.

M Bag

M. Only the Swiss will understand.

(Yes, I am a Migroskind)

How To Work Better

I just stopped over at my friend BB’s blog and had to chuckle upon discovering the-above-oh-so-familiar photo. It’s the »How to Work Better« Mural is by Swiss artists Fischli & Weiss and covers an office building in Zurich-Oerlikon. You can prominently see it from the train when you get into Zurich station.


As swimming in rivers is big in Switzerland, the invention of the Wickelfisch makes total sense: The Wickelfisch is a waterproof bag that allows you to take your belongings with you, while you go for a swim. Why would you want to do that? Well, as the stream in a river makes you float away from where you started out it is oftentimes not possible to get back to your belonging all that quickly and easily.

Hat tip off to the designer. At this point you can only get it in selected stores in Switzerland, listed here (all in German). There’s a contact email over here.

(thank you Jaqueline)

Bally meets Eames Chair

To celebrate its 160th anniversary, Swiss Bally has teamed up with Japanese magazine “Openers” and Herman Miller for an exclusive charity project which entails 16 of these stripy Eames chairs. Oh, how much would I love one of these…

Read more over at CielBleu.


Now, here’s a charming new water toy for little ones. Immerse Pluï in water to fill up and then use it to create ‘rain’. The key is how you control the flow of water simply by sealing or opening the top nozzle with the tip of your finger. I can see our little Tilo loving this one. It’s called Pluï and was designed by Swiss Johanna Rickenback and Alex Hochstrasser.

(thank you Ueli)

Plama Marble Run

The Marble Run 2d by Bernhard Burkard looks like a fabulous toy for kids and grownups alike. The entire set consists of 12 magnetic colorful shapes. It allows the user to create an infinite variety of paths on any magnetic surface. While the toy is not in use, it cleverly forms a rectangular shape that can act as abstract wall art or beautiful and simple decor.



FREITAG – F49 FRINGE Backpack from FREITAG lab. ag on Vimeo.

Wow, this brand-new clip for FREITAG’s F49 FRINGE Back-to-School-Back-Pack made me stop and look. It’s been shot in their factory building in the heart of Zurich. The lighting and overall atmosphere is quite intriguing. They explain their somewhat somber tone in the video in that ‘because there’s no tougher hood than schoolyards, it was tested to the fringe of sadism’. Whoever manages to tear up this backpack clearly should be dispensed from school.

Two thumbs up to the team over at Zwei Hund. Well done!

Oh, and for all of you NYC folks: Did you know that FREITAG opened a store in the Lower East Side? Right across the street from the New Museum! You should go in and say hi to Sascha who runs it!

Play with Trash

These playful floor stickers made me chuckle. It’s an initiative by the city of Lucerne (Switzerland) to get people to notice and use garbage cans. What a fun idea! Hat tip!

(via curious about)

The Printer’s Terms

The Printer’s Terms contains explanations of virtually all printer’s terms of the pre-digital “lead age of typography” in English, German and French. Designed by legendary Swiss Rudolf Hostettler.


KARTONKLUNKER is an assembly set of a cardboard chandelier. You read right, a cardboard chandelier. Thankfully there is no glue or any other tools necessary to assemble this beauty of a ceiling mounted lighting source.

KARTONKLUNKER is the first lamp by Rainer & Tobiad Kyburz, creating a playful contrast between the ordinary cardboard material and the luxurious object of a chandelier. It’s a Swiss product, through and through; designed, produced and boxed up in Basel, Switzerland.

I don’t know about you, but this chandelier made me smile. Two swissmiss thumbs up! Oh, and watch the assembly video below:

KARTONKLUNKER from Claudia Link on Vimeo.