Europe, Explained.

Europe explained

Europe, Explained. (who created this? who can I give credit to?) Originally uploaded by ArtWerk.

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Is This Your Luggage?

Is this your luggage?

The mysterious person that runs Is this your luggage collects lost luggage, photographs it and then tries to find its rightful owner by posting it on his/her site. If you have any friends who lost their luggage, send them this way!

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Amazing: the Swiss even clean their mountains

The swiss do everything to make their guests’ stay in Switzerland absolutely perfect. Lately, they do even more than you would expect: Their Mountain Cleaners make sure you can always enjoy the view of clean mountains. The swiss are so thorough, I love it.

Picture_1, an online Inauguration guide created by, is connecting last minute travelers with accommodations in Washington DC. Individuals or groups can easily rent an airbed, couch, private bedroom, or entire place for as little as $45/night. Already visitors from throughout the United States, and even European countries, are booking Inauguration accommodations directly online through the service. Over 800 local residents have listed rooms on the site for what’s being called the ‘Woodstock of Washington’.

Joe was so kind to make a special coupon for swissmiss readers. You can save $25 on your Inauguration room, if you book now through Jan 15 with coupon code “SWISSMISS”.

trip kick | your hotel sidekick


TripKick is for Hotels what SeatGuru is for Flying. Search a hotel and the site will tell you which floors are best and which rooms to avoid. Excellent!

AirBed&Breakfast | Forget Hotels


Here’s an update to a site I’ve mentioned before: AirBed&Breakfast. Joe sent me a note saying that they now officially launched. Hooray! I just had a look and am impressed with what I saw! Obviously their community is growing fast, with places to stay in over 350 cities in 56 countries all around the world! The new site allows secure online payments via PayPal or credit card, user profiles, the ability to book a room in 3 clicks. They were recently picked up by CNN, NY Times, WSJ, and PSFK. The first peer-to-peer travel site is doing well even in my own neighborhood – they are about to surpass 100 listings in NYC/Brooklyn. What a fabulous resource! Save money when traveling to NYC or make money as a host when you’re home… Check it out!

Where the hell is Matt?

Matt Harding traveled the world and started a tourist-dancing-movement. 14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands. Moving!

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Travel todo and packing list


This might come in handy someday: Travel todo and packing list

Travel checklist – PDF
Travel checklist – EXCELL

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you love to travel? you might like this stool!


sitbag chair and ottoman, reincarnation collection, 2003

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Traveler IQ Challenge


The basic idea of traveler IQ challenge is to locate a city as quickly as possible.

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Responsible Holidays

If you’re planning a late get away, you might like to consider Responsible Travel: a hand picked directory of 1000s of carefully screened eco holidays. These are more authentic holidays that have been screened to ensure that the local people benefit as much as possible and any negative environmental impacts on the destination are minimised. via nigel’s eco store.

nimis | giant drift wood sculptures


In 1980 the artist and arthistorian Lars Vilks started to work on Nimis, a construction of driftwood and rests from the cutting areas. Nimis (lat. “too much”) is situated on the peninsula of Kullaberg in the south of Sweden – now an independent state Ladonia. When Vilks started to work with hammer and nail at Nimis his ideas were rather vague, but he had in mind to make a meetingplace between theory and practice.

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MIMOA places modern architecture on the map

Picture_23 is a user generated online guide to Modern Architecture in Europe, providing exact addresses and interactive maps. MIMOA is a personal architecture guide for buildings, interiors, squares, parks and bridges. Going to London, St. Petersburg, Tirana or Bilbao? Every city- or architecture visit is planned within a few mouse clicks.

steri pen | handheld water purifier

Traveler_gobletSteriPEN is a travel size water purifier. It’s basically a UV ray flashlight you submerge into your glass. The water stays cool and it doesn’t change the water, except to kill all the living things in it, viruses included. It is expensive, but seems to pay for itself quickly, as you don’t have to buy bottled water.

SteriPEN Adventurer handheld water purifier

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the new 7 wonders


The new 7 wonders, view them all in 360 degree interactive panoramas from internationally known panorama photographers.

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google earth flight simulator


As if adding sky wasn’t enough… jetset from your laptop! press Command/Open Apple Key + Alt + A | Google Earth Flight Simulator

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Essential Sites for Summer Travelers

Travel Hacking: Essential Sites for Summer Travelers


Archi-Tourist is a free, Wiki-based travel guide to contemporary architecture around the globe, started in 2005.

mutatoes, a project by uli westphal



During my Berlin visit, two weeks ago, I came across a young artist called Uli Westphal. He had a stand at a farmers market at the Kollwitzplatz, but the produce he was showing looked awfully strange. It was the moment where I was introduced to the wonderfully strange world of Mutatoes: A collection of non-standard fruits, roots and vegetables found at Berlins Super-and Farmers Markets. Uli’s project serves to document and archive these last survivors of biological variety. View the mutatoes collection.

I am completely hooked! I truly hope Uli will sell posters of the collection overview.

rule 240

Interesting resource:

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50 Utterly Charming Hotels Around $100

Budget Travel Online :: 50 Utterly Charming Hotels Around $100

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will help you find out when the best time is to buy that airline ticket. The site predicts where fares are going and shows where they’ve been. (U.S. only, hope they’ll go ‘international’ soon)

Learn about how farecast works. | know when to buy

abest airline seats

Insider’s Guide to the Best Airline Seats

TSA approved luggage locks

Image Searchalert (TSA) Recognized & Accepted Luggage Lock #16247: The new SearchAlert Security window changes color from Green to Red when the TSA secured access device is used to open the lock, or when an unauthorized person has opened the lock using a counterfeit opening device. Travelers will now know when their SearchAlert locks have been opened, and whether their bags have been searched by a TSA agent, or violated by an unknown person.

Info about these locks on the TSA website.