Peculiar Snapshots

Thanks to my studiomate Raul I discovered this Collection of Peculiar Vintage Snapshots over on Flickr. Made my day!

The Office (1969)

In this compilation of BBC clips from 1969, James Burke experiences the automated office of the future and what it might mean for the evolution of work culture:

“The great thing about machines is that they do what they’re told. They leave you to get on with it. Never late, they’re obedient, they’re never sick, they never disturb you or argue or paint their nails or talk or smile at you or say ‘good morning’ or keep you company. They just leave you alone.”

Found in this fantastic post over on Brain Pickings titled Today Yesterday: 5 Vintage Visions for the Future of Technology.

British General P.O. Phones

I remember when my parents taught me how to call their office number on our rotary phone.


I love the graphics of this vintage game called Misfits. I discovered it in the Flickr stream of Pillipat.

Museum Of Obsolete Objects

German Digital Agency Jung von Matt/Next created the “Museum of Obsolete Objects“. Sadly, as our daily lives become more and more digital some things fall by the way side as they are replaced by newer, «better» devices. Let us not forget those fallen appliances, tools and gadgets and relive those bygone times by taking a visit to The Museum of Obsolete Objects.

I love the idea behind the site but I don’t really understand why they built it as a YouTube Channel. Hmm..

(Thank you Boris)

The Printer’s Terms

The Printer’s Terms contains explanations of virtually all printer’s terms of the pre-digital “lead age of typography” in English, German and French. Designed by legendary Swiss Rudolf Hostettler.

Bosch Fridge Manual 1963

I just stumbled upon an amazing collection of Book and Design related Flickr Sets by German based Design Professor Michael Stoll. This Bosch Fridge Manual Set from 1963 made me chuckle. Or check out this Flight Thru Instruments book from 1945, describing different (military) techniques of flight in a profusely illustrated manner. Or this Corporate Identity Brochure from 1972 about the City of Munich.

Vintage Eberhard Faber Ruby Erasers

A vintage beauty: 1940s Vintage Eberhard Faber Ruby Eraser Box, by Christian Montone.

(via Luc Latulippe)

Behind The Scenes

This selection of Behind-the-scenes shots over on made me look (and chuckle). Those were the days when set designs were huge and handmade, when special effects were mechanic and photographic.

(via LucLaTulippe)

Vintage Radio

I have just fallen in love with this vintage red radio over on Krrb.

(by posting it I feel like I own it a bit. #postingisthenewbuying)

Vintage Derby Roller Skates

These amazing vintage roller derby skates make me feel a tad bit nostalgic.

Treasure Wheels

Treasure Wheels™ is an urban dolly kit that fits in a satchel and is a must-have tool for urban scavengers. Treasure Wheels™ lets you wheel those urban treasures home, by simply attaching the wheels to the artifact of your fancy, and get rolling.

Nothing short of brilliant!

(Thank you Yael)

Neche Collection

Neche Collection visually documents materials collected by Veronica Corzo-Durchardt’s grandfather Neche Eugenio Hadad, a Cuban Exile of Lebanese descent, accountant, collector and sometimes thief.

Veronica acquired many of his belongings and created the Neche Collection to be both an archive and a source of continued inspiration. The project consists of a daily photo post from the collection and each week she creates and print a limited edition screen print inspired by one or more of the objects featured in the collection that week.

The collection has a wide range of objects: printed matter, office supplies, toys, ephemera and photos. Many of the objects in the collection were sent through the mail from Cuba by her grandfather a year before they left the country.

Cooking in the Future (1990s)

This video from an early 1990’s AT&T concept video shows a futuristic world of voice recognition, networked computing and nearly sentient robotic sous chefs. Quite amusing.

(sort of via coudal)

Cirque Anime

I just discovered this vintage Circus Animation book thanks to my studiomate Raul. Here’s the link to the post over on Agence Eureka.

The Beauty of Maps: A Documentary

The Beauty of Maps is a 4 part BBC series that was released almost a year ago. The documentary takes us through the staggering four million map collection of the British Library in London.

Watch more over on

(via the always fabulous coudal)

Modern Simplex Wall Clock

Oh, Etsy! (Again!) I can’t buy everything so I just post it here, that way I feel like I own it a little bit. This Modern Simplex Wall Clock is making me swoon.

Bakelite Kodak Brownie Hawkeye

Oh, Etsy! You keep making me stumble upon all these magnificient looking vintage photo cameras. Check out this Kodak beauty! Someboy please buy it or I will.

San Francisco Streets in 1905

The first track from Airs’ Moon Safari album, accompanied by scenes from a video shot from a streetcar traveling down Market Street in San Francisco in 1905. Before the earthquake/fire of 1906 destroyed the area. Remarkable footage of the turn of the century lifestyles in California. Quite mesmerizing!

(via thedetourist)

Kodak Instamatic 100

I bought this vintage Kodak Instamatic 100 off Etsy a few months back and it’s been sitting on our dining table every since. Purely decorative. When Chris Glass was visiting recently I saw him taking a photo, I didn’t expect it would turn out to be such a beautiful shot. Chris is a master!

Isn’t it a beauty of a camera?

Girl from Ipanema

Is it me or is Astrud Gilberto completely emotionless during this performance? Nevertheless, I love the song.

(via byrd and belle)

How film titles have evolved

My studiomate Skylar wrote an interesting post about How film titles have evolved.

vintage porcelain river depth markers

These Vintage River Depth Markers were originally affixed to bridge posts and used as water gauges to see the depth during high and low tides.

Somebody please buy them or I will.

Vintage Polaroid Land Camera

Somebody please (!) buy this Vintage Polaroid Land Camera over on Etsy so I don’t.