Impossible Instant Lab

Impossible Instant Lab Black

The Impossible Instant Lab transforms any digital image into a real, unique analog instant photo via your iPhone or iPod touch. Simply select any photo from your iPhone, place it on the Instant Lab and within seconds it ejects your analog photo, ready to develop in front of your eyes.


Cross Blanket

Cross Blanket

It’s getting chilly here in NYC which reminded me of Pia Wallen’s beautiful Cross Blankets.

Cinema Type Board

Cinema Type BoardUnknown-1

I just burst into a ‘I really really want this’ song when I discovered this metal Cinema Type Board. It comes with one pack of double sided font cards and holds up to 14 cards. It was designed by Goodwin + Goodwin and made in England.

So totally #wishlisted.

Butler Side Table

Butler Side Table

I know, I need to work on my obsession with all things red, but don’t you all have to admit that this Butler Red Side Table is quite beautiful?



I would totally sport this satchel.

Superman Onesie

superman onesie

Superman Onesie. YES!

(via Laughing Squid)

Apollo Space Suits

Apollo Space Suits

Wow! Astronauts Irwin and Bull modeling the Apollo IVA (Intravehicular Activity) and (EVA) Extravehicular Activity spacesuits. I am grateful I have no dress code at the office.

Apollo 1 Astronauts

Apollo 1 Astronauts Working by the Pool

This print of Apollo 1 Astronauts Working by the Pool made me smile. It shows them practicing water egress procedures in a swimming pool at Ellington Air Force Base (EAFB), Houston, Texas. Astronaut Edward H. White II rides life raft in the foreground. Astronaut Roger B. Chaffee sits in hatch of the boilerplate model of the spacecraft. Astronaut Virgil I. Grissom, third member of the crew, waits inside the spacecraft. June, 1966.

I totally want one of these prints for our studio! Available over on PrintCollection.

Hand Shadow Puppet Chart

Handshadow Puppet Chart

This Hand Shadow Puppet Chart made me look. Tempted to buy one for the kids room.

Eames Molded Wood Chairs

Eames Molded Wood Chair

Congratulations to Herman Miller for the introduction of the Eames Molded Wood Chair. With help of 3-D veneer technology, wood veneer is being molded into the complex curves of a single shell. Stunning. Totally stunning.

(via Carly)


Slow Factory

Fashionable space nerds unite: Slowfactory sells silk scarves with prints from Nasa’s Hubble images. Yes, totally fantastic and nerdy.

Numbers Pouf


Absolutely love this Numbers Pouf.

Stitchless Bag

This incredibly minimal and beautiful cross-body bag by cleaneverything was crafted from two pieces of vegetable tanned leather with no stitches.

(via M)

Paint Retouching Pen

paint retouching pen

This Paint Retuching Pen is brilliant, touch-ups made easy. Definitely want to give this a try.

Bnto Canning Jar


The folks at Cuppow just released a smart new product called BNTO. It separates a canning jar into two compartments, making it into a cute lunchbox that can be reconfigured for each kind of meal/snack by using different sizes of wide mouth canning jars. Two swissmiss thumbs up!

The Pocket Reflector

Pocket Reflector

Phones don’t have the most sophisticated exposure controls, that’s where the Pocket Reflector comes in handy. Hold it opposite your main light source to bounce light back onto your subject. The white side reflects soft natural light. The silver side bounces back bright concentrated light. No batteries, harsh flashes or fancy pants required.

Also, the last line on the product description made me giggle: What if we told you we know a guy in New York with 7 pet camels? Then, we’d be lying to you, and we’d never do that.

Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer

Simple, wooden desk organizer.


USA Chalkboard Map

usa chalkboard map

Lovely and functional USA Chalkboard Map.

(via Apartment Therapy)

Cat on Skateboard

Cat on Skateboard

This shrink plastic brooch “KATZI” by danadamki is hand painted with permanent markers on shrink plastic, baked, shrunk and varnished. All of danamaki’s shrink plastic brooches are individual artworks. Etsy find of the day!

Full Moon

Full Moon Kids Tshirt

A Full Moon Kids’ T-shirt, handprinted in Brooklyn. What’s not to love?

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

The Lomography Film Scanner affordably scans 35mm film and slides right to your smartphone. It adjusts to fit any phone. Smart, says the woman hat has a stack of negatives in her closet.

Has anyone of you tried this yet?

VW Bus Tent

VW bus tent

How wonderful and smile-inducing is this VW Bus Tent? It actually makes me want to own a tent. But then, maybe not, I just looked at the price tag. Ops! Maybe I’ll stick to the toiletry bag.

Heart Print

Heart Print

I saw this Fluoro Heart Print at the National Stationary Show. It’s all sorts of stunning and fluorescent. #Wishlisted



Prisms is a beautiful 13″x16″ Giclee Print by Magna Paint.