Super Powers

super powers poster

Infographic Super Powers Poster, perfect for a kid’s room!

Make Something

Make Something Today

Yes, to this banner.

Geometry Stamp Set

geometry stamp set

This German Vintage Rubber Stamp Set from the 70s is full of wooden stamps, each one being a geometric shape and painted in a solid colour. #wishlisted



My daughter thinks Karoto is quite funny. I agree.

Set Sail Napkin Holder

Set Sail Napkin Holder

The simple, yet playful idea behind the ceramic Set Sail Napkin Holder made me smile.

Flat Pack / Shore

Hard Graft Flat Pack

The Flat Pack / Shore
is one of my favorite Hard Graft bags. It comes in three sizes, big enough to fit an iPad, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Handmade in their Italian workshop and made from 100% vegetable tanned leather with 100% felt details. All sizes can accommodate the small essentials like your wallet, phone or power adapter. A beauty, right?

Chief Financial Officer

Everything’s better with a rainbow on it: Chief Financial Officer coin purse, designed by Ana Benaroya.

Vermelho Dinnerware

May I introduce you to my latest wishlist addition, Vermelho Dinnerware?

Wool Dry Mop

This colorful beauty is a Wool Dry Mop. Made by a fourth-generation family business in Vermont

Manhattan Cabinet

This minimal cabinet called Manhattan by Cornelia Norgreen is a beauty. Love how they are showcasing its versatility in the above product shot.

Mechanical Dish Rack

This Mechanical Dish Rack seems to be a brilliant solution to a small kitchen. Congrats to Sally Rumble, the designer.

UPDATE: The designer, Sally, reached out to me via email and mentioned that she designed this dish rack 12 years ago (!) while working at Smart Design. Unfortunately it is no longer for sale. (What a bummer!)

Simple Geometric Rings

Jewelry that celebrates simple geometric shapes always gets my vote. Love this Diamond Ring and Double Loop Brass Ring by BEPARTstudio on Etsy.

Ebb Pillow

This pillow features a beautiful graphic tangle of red embroidery. I wouldn’t mind this on my couch.


*This* is the christmas tree I would like to see in my home. It’s called Branch, is produced in England, made of sustainably sourced Ash and the brainchild of Demelza Hill.


People that know me well probably understand why I want this flag.

(via Lauren O’Neill)

White Balancing Blocks

Who said building blocks are just for kids?

Kaleido Trays

This tray system just moved to the very top of my ‘personal wishlist’. The Laleido Trays are a brainchild of Clara von Zweigbergk.

Nature Cushions

These Nature Cushions by Nord are all kinds of zen.

Back-up Battery with a Hand Turbine Power Generator

BoostTurbine2000 from Etón is a durable back-up battery with a hand turbine power generator. It enables you to charge your mobile device even when the power is out. In one minute the hand turbine power generator can produce enough power for a 30-second call or a few critical texts. When fully charged, BoostTurbine2000 fully charges most smartphones. Smart.

(via brainpicker)

Knitted Necklace

I absolutely love this colorful knitted necklace by Nguyen Le.

(via doorsixteen)

Swiss Clock with Swing Arm

Love this retro Swiss Clock with swing arm wall mount that allows clock to be quickly and easily mounted to the wall. #want

Prolonged Dachshund

I absolutely adore this illustration by Lucie Sheridan.


Nesso Table Lamp

One day I will own a Nesso Table Lamp. It is represented in the MoMA’s collection and made by Artemide.

Japanese Cushions

I absolutely love these Japanese Cushions that I found over on Oyoy!