swiss country side ain’t nyc

I am getting married on a mountain top in Switzerland, in 3 weeks. (YAY!) This morning, I switched gears from ‘yeah, I’ll do that one day’ to ‘girl, this to do list has to go NOW’. So, first item on my list was ‘call cab-man in Appenzell, you have to understand, this is a one-car-one-man-show. I get him on the line and tell him that I would like to inform him that we’ll need his services that night. He just goes: “August 5th? I am on vacation, Sorry, no cab!” My reaction: “Huh?” After a few frantic calls to hotels in town, I had to come to the frightening realization, that when Cab-Man goes on vacation, there really is NO cab.

For someone like me, who lives in NYC, hearing such a thing as ‘there’s no cab’ just makes me laugh. “Yeah, right, no cab!”. Can you imagine only having one single cab-driver in manhattan? Ha, catching that, would make you feel as if you just found the ‘pot of gold’.

Sigh. Oh well, ignore first item, go to next item on my ‘wedding to do list’….

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  1. How funny – my wife and I are leaving the US tomorrow to see one of my best friends get married in the shadow of the Matterhorn in Zermatt. Have a wonderful time at your wedding… talk about a perfect setting!

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