canadian readers?


G and I will be in Toronto for the weekend. YAY! Do you happen to live in Toronto and have some recommendations on where to go, what to see, where to eat? I always love to stumble upon places that are not necessarily mentioned in the travel guides…

Win instant karma points if you have some pointers for us! :) Name your favorite restaurant, your favorite coffee shop, your favorite…. anything!

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  1. Tina, check out Rain! We had the tasting menu, one of the top five dinning experiences we’ve ever had. It’s slightly overpriced, but that’s Toronto. Tamara also highly recommends their litchi martini. The two brothers have a show on the Food Network here in Canada, again one of my favorite shows to date.

    Another place to check out is the Drake We had drinks on the roof in the summer, not sure how it is inside, but it might be worth exploring.

  2. Thanks so much Michael. 400 Instant karma points for you *tschatsching*! These two places look great!

  3. What are you looking to see? Toronto is a pretty big city (5’th biggest in north america). There’s a lot of things to see and depending on what people are looking to see when they travel, my suggestions would vary.

    However there is a special exhibit on at the science center: Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS 2: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies. I think it looks interesting but I suppose it’s not for everyone. Here’s a link:

  4. I second the Drake – I discovered it in September when I had a 24 hour flight delay in Toronto – the french toast and coffee were great in the little cafe.

    Queen St W has a section called the “Design” area, which you would probably enjoy wandering (can’t remember the cross streets, but you can take the streetcars and the roadsigns say Design District on them) – and then the section around Spadina is what my local friends there call the High School kid street, lots of funky skater stores and I think Much Music (Canadian MTV is there).

    Kensington Market is funky, west of Spadina between College St and Dundas.

    University of Toronto is a pretty campus and just north of there is Yorkville which has the fancy stores and salons – nice cafes for lunch as a treat.

    Say Hi to my fellow Canadians for me! Have a great trip!

  5. Thanks everyone! Our visit to Toronto was way too short and we’ve decided that we’ll have to go back. All your tips sound great! Thanks so much!