does sex really sell?


This Adweek article (pdf) analyzes a recent survey conducted by MediaAnalyzer (pdf) on ‘Does Sex Really Sell?’. It shows the viewing patterns of how the men and women survey respondents look at sexual and non-sexual advertising. It’s a revealing look at how differently men and women view print ads.

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  1. Those damn arrows are in the way!

  2. So woman skip the boobs altogether? Thats just weird.

  3. yea right, woman look too

  4. I can’t speak for all women, but if the boobs are that big, it’s the first thing I look at. Then her face. Then whatever it’s selling, then I’m done.

  5. My conclusion is that sex doesn’t sell in this advertisement, since the male’s didn’t read what was advertised, they only looked at the girl and if the target group is woman, they probably should have used an other type of girl in the advertisement (or are they advertising free breast enlargements with a chilli burger meal?)