peanut is a she.

She_peanut_72dpi_1 G and I are thrilled, we just learned that our little peanut is a she and she seems to be as healthy as one can be. I am having the biggest smile on my face. Life is good.

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  1. hurray!!! maybe we can refer to her as “sheanut” for the time being…

  2. that is funny josh, REALLY funny! :)

  3. THat is awesome, congrats!!!

  4. congrats. that should narrow down your shopping a bit.

  5. instead of peanut you should now go with Phany the fetus.

  6. ha, ha timmy, we’ll put in on our list of names! thank you for the good tip! peanutella and i say hi!

  7. it can be just until shes born and then she can have a real name like roger.

  8. timmy, you’re brilliant. can we set up a conference call sometime next week to include you in our naming discussion?