spork | networking

Logo_1I was at another Spork Networking event last night and I met oh so many interesting people. First of all, if you’re an independent designer/illustrator/photographer.. living in New York, you should know about Spork:

Spork is a group of independent designers who meet each month to discuss the business and creative issues that are relevant to small design studios. Members come to share their experiences and knowledge, as well as learn from one another. Spork is a valuable support system for anyone who strives for excellence in business and design practices.

I was just recently introduced to this fabulous group of people by charming and talented Christina Hagopian.


I’d like to point out three connections I made last night:

Greg, President of Greg Barber Company, an environmental friendly printer in NJ. My friend Benedikt Husing did an elaborate corporate identity job with him, which turned out beautiful. Greg seems like a great guy, and I am sure I’d enjoy working with him. His firms specialize in environmental paper and printing. That means recycled paper, tree free paper, and chlorine free paper, printed with soy ink or 100% non toxic toner. Go Greg! I hope I get to work with you soon!

UPDATE: I unfortunately had two of my designer friends, independently of each other, tell me about bad experiences with Greg’s company (customer service and poor printing jobs). Too bad.


I was chatting with Sheri Koettig from MSLK design for a while until I realized that I just recently linked to one of her design pieces. What a small world, I *love* it. She has exactly the kind of personality I would imagine, looking at her designs. She and her husband run the MSLK design studio out of Long Island City. Their aesthetics are amazing and she seems to be a very sunny outgoing person. It was a pleasure meeting you Sheri! (I loved your dressing up as a clown story!)

Tim Goldman, Illustrator and Graphic Designer. I like his retro style! Especially the red/black splash page of his site: timgoldman.com.