japanese packaging

BananajAnother inspiring find via Frederik Samuel’s Blog:

Japanese packaging for bananan juice. Oh, how much I would *love* to travel to Japan one of these days. I am sure, I would go coo-coo over all the beautiful/simple packaging over there. I have such respect for Japanese aesthetics.

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  1. I’m crazy about the package but the thought of drinking banana juice (who knew there was such a thing?) makes me kind of queasy!

  2. I love all Japanese and oriental packaging and am willing to pay someone with the right experience to develop a few ideas with me. Please contact me at [email protected]
    to leran more.


  3. can u send me a banana juice box i 1 week so i can pass my graphics assessment

  4. Designer : Naoto Fukasawa
    Same person who designed muji CD Player

  5. Good design – make me thirsty

  6. who is the designer?tnx