swim caps

MultipetalswimcapsSo, I am taking this weekly maternity aqua gymnastics class, which amuses me to no end. I get such a kick out of us 10 big bellied women in a pool, working dumbells. I pictured myself doing such kind of a workout when I am in my 70s, not early 30s. Now, I am determined to find the most hideous swim cap there is, to make the ‘picture’ even better. I think I found it.

This one’s not bad either.

Gaenselang_1Oh, this is so cool. What a great idea: A bathing cap gone toiletry bag

And get this, I even found an online “Bathing Cap Museum”. Ha, I would look great in this one.

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  1. i love swim caps!

  2. same here. it’s a shame that they are dissapearing from the pools these days. but i will bring them back. YES!