felt | parkhaus berlin


I am thrilled to see that Parkhaus has finally put some of their collection online. I am such a sucker for felt. Look at these amazing products…

The soft boiled egg covers in shape of a bunny make me smile. The ‘rack one white bottle stack’ is absolutely brilliant. It keeps the bottle from rolling away… And the ipod case is überpretty as well. But the smartes design to me is the friend door stopper’. You wrap it around your doorknobs and it keeps the door from shutting…

Their webshop is in preparation. Can’t wait to order some of these smart products. Go Parkhaus!


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  1. Parkhaus – a very special case. Lots of coppied stuff. The wine cooler on their website was a copy of AUTHENTICS (Design Metz&Kindler) It was also called winecooler.
    Isn´t it funny?

  2. I forgot to mention keili. It´s a poor copy of HOUSEMOUSE of Artikel-Design awarded with several awards like RED DOT and DESIGN PLUS.

  3. Love the egg warmer mouse :-)

  4. I would really like to buy an Artikel-Design House Mouse or the Parkhaus Keili door stopper. The only place I could locate online was in Germany (for the House Mouse) and they want 80 Euro for shipment!!!!! Do you have any ideas where I could buy one of these?
    Thanks, Alice