how strong are these brands?

Bild07Monochrom tested the power of big brands and had 25 austrians draw 12 big brand logos from memory. (Nine international ones, three european ones). Click on the individual logos to see what they came up with. I admit, I would have struggled with some of these, especially with the Toyota one.

Monochrome Test – how strong is your brand?

(thank you Petra)

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  1. I remember back in the seventies people were
    wearing those lacoste shirts left and right,
    i wonder what happened? Did all the gay jokes about them put people off?

  2. How strong are a brand?

    I love the idea behind this little test. Monochrom have tested the power and strength behind 12 well known brands such as Lacoste, Toyota and Coca Cola. 25 austrians tried to figure out how the logotype looked like by drawing their own version. Reall…

  3. In Sweden Lacoste have become a strong brand (again) the last couple of years…

  4. How’s your brand memory?

    Interesting study by art-technology-philosophy group of basket weaving enthusiasts and theory do-it-yourselfers (their words) monochrom into brand recall – they asked 25 people to draw various well-known brand logos from memory. The results are intere…