very unusual lunch break

I just had the most unusual lunch break experience ever. The scene:

Me, on the 6th floor at Tiffany’s, customer service department: I walked in, with my almost 8 month pregnant bump, pointing out my ring finger with my engagement ring stuck on it (I am one of the lucky 10-20% of pregnant women that experiences exessive swelling on feet and hands). After days of trying everything possible to get that ring off the ‘natural way’, this was my last resort. (I guess, a tingling sensation in your finger is not a good sign, is it?)

The gentleman at the customer service front desk grinned and said: “Oh my, it looks like we’ll have to have surgery!” That’s exactly what they did. What can I say, “my case” was entertaining the entire floor. It’s refreshing to see that someone’s ‘mysery’ can create so many smiles.

They ‘surgically removed’ my engagement ring and fused it back together, so that I can wear it as a pendant, at least for the next coming weeks.

What a moment! Welcome to the life of a pregnant woman. Ha!

(Respect to the folks at Tiffany’s. Their customer service is outstanding!)

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  1. wow, cool, this kind of experience makes life funny! thank you for sharing :-) go sis go!

  2. poor mama!
    this puffy time is uncomfortable.
    rings get in the way too when you’re changing diapers + bathing your new baby.
    the ring could accidentally scratch peanutella, so it’s better around your neck for now.
    i hope your eating lots of yummy food + resting.

  3. My wife is a nurse and says this method works for removing rings from swollen fingers.