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ZappbuggyThe new Quinny Zapp has re-invented foldability. It measures 69 cm (just over 2 feet) in length when folded – making it the world’s most compact fold – and is also extremely lightweight, weighing just 6 kilos. The Quinny Zapp becomes a full-sized stroller when opened and it’s also big on practicality. It converts into a travel system for use from birth by clipping on a Maxi Cosi carseat. Is also has a sun canopy and rain cover. Once folded, the stroller is so tiny, it folds into it’s own coordinated duffle bag.

Zapp is a full sized push chair that folds to just about 2 feet. It weighs only 6 kilos. According to this site it’s the smallest buggy ever made. Leave it up to the dutch to come up with a cool stroller like that!

G, I *LOVE* this!

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  1. Okay, My friend wendy has this. Both the onsie and the twosie. They feel like a rolls royce. Highly recommended.

  2. We ride the Zapp stroller for 3 month now.
    If we are really objective, there are 2 design mistakes :

    1 -The distance between rear wheels is a bit to large (some doors are too tiny ?)

    2 – when it’s used with a MaxiCosi™, if you put ANYTHING on the arms of the stroller, it flips ! It’s kind of hum… dangerous for the baby.

    exept those two points, it’s perfect !!!

  3. Looks way cool. Anyone know where to get one in the US? I looked through their distributer list and didn’t see any. (Could just contact the one in Canada I suppose.)

  4. These are very cool but not great in NY streets ( a friend has one). The small wheels don’t handle the bumps and high curbs very wel and forget using it in snow… Also once the kid gets older it get hard to keep them warm in there… Still it’s very small and a fantastic bit of design work.

    This might sound ridiculous, but I believe most New Yorkers are happiest with 2 strollers, one heavy duty one with biggish wheels for around the neighborhood (grocery shopping, parks, etc) and one light weight and relatively thin one for subways, car trips, etc.

  5. i have it it’s very nice but my boys dont think so its not v. comfortable especialy when you want to sleep!

    design addicted mom

  6. i just want to know if is good for new borns cause am traveling soon and will be good for me cause of the size please write back.also would like to now the price and were to get it.

  7. I have this stroller and it is awesome. I’ve been using it for nearly a year, my son was only 3.5 when I first put him in it. He sleeps fine in this stroller, and I’ve had no problem with doorways. This stroller was really great when I lived in Toronto, though. It is easy to carry onto the subway or bus and turns beautifully in congested areas. It’s worked fine in the snow and easy to bring up and down curbs or stairs. The only problem I have had is the lack of storage. Anything put onto the arms of the stroller cannot weigh more than the baby or the stroller tips over. I’ve tipped my son a few times and although he cannot get hurt, it’s a bit scary.