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I just *love* my friend BB. I sent her an image of Ella and within minutes I get this collage back. This totally made my day! Thank you BB!


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  1. That’s awesome. Definitely something for the baby book.

  2. Fan-effing-tastic!

  3. haha, that’s great! and i’m pretty sure ella will win!

  4. I love you, too, darlin’! Can’t wait to see my You, G and my new long-distance niece. :)

  5. Too cool. She’s beautiful. Congratulations and welcome to parenthood! It’s the coolest thing you’ll ever do.

  6. This makes me smile somthing big. Love it.

  7. aaa, that’s awsome and makes me smile!

  8. i just go to search the fonts on google that search for your blog, so cool blog you made.

    thanks for your blog and met beautiful baby, it give me a nice work day today!