rex rocking chair


Alright, I admit, I didn’t believe it, but a rocking chair seems to be a must for every new parent out there. G and I are about to purchase one, as we FINALLY found one that doesn’t look hideous. Check out the Rex Rocking Chair designed by Nicko Kralj, available at DWR. It doesn’t only look nice it also folds down, very practical!

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  1. Very paractical indeed!!!!
    What a good surprise in finding u posted things you found in my blog…thanx a lot!!!

    So…how’s to be a mom??? Peanut-ella is gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. Great blog site, very well presented and designed. Congrats on being a parent!

    don Kilpatrick

  3. Hurra Hurra die Ella ist da! Sie ist so toll!

    So your looking for a rocking chair für die neue mama (und neuer papa of course), schau das mal an:

    Philipp aus montreal

  4. Hi, does anyone know how to get one of the Rex rocking chairs in England? So far have only found them available in USA & Canada.

    Much appreciated,


  5. You can buy Rex chairs and rocking chairs on