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5280_v_1Seems like a good idea to me: Clothing labeler, availale at

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  1. Ya, it seems like a good idea, but toddler clothes are outgrown quickly while experiencing trivial wear ‘n’ tear. If you donate your clothes to charity or even a friend (who then gives to a friend, then another friend and so on…) it becomes counter-productive to have a 6-year-old’s name on some 2-year-old’s T-shirt. And imagine what happens if you have multiple kids in the same family. Does Johnny like having Billy’s name on his hand-me-down? It gets confusing quick.

    A labeler might be good for older kids, but at what point does a kid get embarassed at having his parents put his name on everything?

  2. Exactly AJ. That’s why I use iron on labels. Once we’re done with the outfit, I pull the label off and pass the article of clothing on. I have to label everything for daycare. I would think that labeling clothes should end by 1st grade. Unless your kid goes some where where they’re washing their clothes with other kids clothes.

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