shoe rack


Like this ‘floating’ shoe rack.

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  1. we SO need this in our tiny apartment!!!

  2. don’t let your shoes more than 3 week’s here…

  3. This is great until the 1st time that you take out your ankle. Its dangerous. Stupid idea.

  4. v. clever design — but the key question: would it work w/ manolos? hmm…

  5. (+) dirt and dust usually collect around the shoes, so this product promotes easy cleaning (sweep or vacuum without having to lift up the shoes).
    (+) conversation piece.
    (=) maybe it will take out ankles, but i doubt one would get close enough. just in case, the next version should have rounded corners.
    (=) may damage (crease of scuff) shoes.
    (-) no flip-flops, slippers, or women’s shoes shown in picture.
    (-) can’t slide feet directly in the shoes.

  6. WOW! nice rack. looks so innovative and cool too! That would be perfect for my ZAppos shoes that i got from

  7. It could solve my shoe storage problems.
    Does it come in 19″ length? and where?