free hugs

(thank you sarah!)

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  1. thank you! (& sarah)

    free hugs made me giggle and smile after a long crappy day!

    p.s. i love your blog and expect nothing less from it!

  2. this dude is australian and that shopping strip is in sydney!

  3. Visiting this blog feels like going to a museum!

    Nice video although I was sure at first that this is an ad for “vodaphone”… I hope they got at least some money from them.

  4. thanx, make me smile… a very good start in the day.

    your blog enrich my day – everyday!

  5. we australians are such wonderful people! :)

  6. apparently this guy doesn’t have a job… maybe he should start to charge a nickel or so

  7. a hug is so simple, yet so powerful it would change the world if we let it