good korma


With little preparation other than a bunch of shots, a fold-out map and white linen suits, team Good Korma will journey to the Indian Subcontinent and do their damndest to force India’s version of the taxi cab over 2000 miles of questionable terrain to raise money for international charity, Mercy Corps. Team Good Korma consists of: Photographer Michael Cogliantry (NYC) cinematographer Adam Sternin (NYC) and art director Anthony Munoz (Chicago).

In addition to raising money for charity, team Good Korma will film and photograph a unique narrative about the trip along the way. The intention of the project is to use the actual journey, as seen through the eyes of a fictional character, as a metaphor for the age-old process of self-discovery. Think Hearts of Darkness meets Borat. A book and a film on this project will be released late spring 2007.

In order to make this all work, they need to raise enough money to purchase the rickshaw. Once the journey ends in Darjeeling, the vehicle will be donated to a family that desperately needs it. Any additional funds over the cost of the rickshaw will also go to Charity. Please consider giving the Good Korma team small donation, payable directly to Mercy Corps via their website. For more details about the charity, their latest blog updates and merchandise, go to

Good Korma: 2000 Miles in 2 Weeks: Three Americans Take on India in a Rickshaw

Donate people! Donate! Michael is a friend of mine and an amazing photographer. I can’t wait to see the documented endresult! Have fun Michael! Can’t wait to hear all about it!