meet henry, the talking gnome!


I saw Henry last week at a store in Syracuse and he put a smile on my face. He is a 6″ tall, cheery-faced plush gnome that parrots back anything you want to record: a song, a funny message, birthday wishes, etc. But he does it in a hysterics-inducing voice and a slightly out-of-sync rhythm. Henry’s easy: just pinch his left toe until you hear him beep, then talk or sing for up to 12 seconds. Then press his belly to hear him perform. Please, meet Henry, the talking gnome.

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  1. Doesn’t he bite if you pinch him in the toe too often?? :)

  2. I ordered 3 of these for nieces and nephews ages 3-9. It definitely tops their list of favorite Christmas presents. They love it and can’t get enough of him! Thanks for your blog. I’d categorize this in kids’ stuff too–great present and not overly-loud as to drive parents crazy.

  3. how can I get one