my twinn doll


Uhm… isn’t this slightly creepy? Get a twin doll of/for your kid.

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  1. Might be handy for parents that want a silent version of their kids ;-)

  2. The Twinn catalog came to my office for the previous tenant…it is so creepy! There are even wheelchairs you can get if your child has broken a leg, and Mom can get a matching outfit as well…Unfortunately, the twinn dolls can’t yet have dimples or cleft chins, so if your child has either of those characteristics, you’re out of luck! :)

  3. Scary. Check out the vintage baby clothes at Mattie & Me. Right up your alley!

  4. i think your very wrong my gaughter has one and she loves it and it’s so cute when they were there mathing outfits,
    i got my daughter one because she has three brothers and does not have any sisters so i thought it would be good for her and it is i think every little girl needs one,
    get your daughter one for next christmas she will love it.