wii would like to play.

The Nintendo Wii is truly amazing! I was able to test it at the Wired Store in Manhattan. I have been playing Tennis since I was 4 years old and I have to say, I was impressed how real the movement felt of hitting that ball over the (Wii) net. Go Nintendo!

Make sure to check out the massive collection of Wii Motion photos on Flickr.

UPDATE: Obviously Nintendo will have to do some thinking on how to prevent all the Wii accidents. Outch! (Thanks Lauren)

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  1. And just a warning to hold tight!

  2. I’ve got one and I have to say: it totally rocks!

    With all the other game consoles going only after pure speed and power, it is good to see some true innovation.

    Using the Wii is incredible intuitive, even my daughter (5 years) was able to create herself a Mii character.

    I’m really looking forward to see what all the game producers make out of the Wiimotes possibilities. Great potential.

    I second the “Go Nintendo!”

  3. ha, i love the wii! so much different than other video games, and you can really get a workout too.

  4. Just so that you know, the straps have been recalled from nintendo, which should solve this “problem”.