swissmiss gone south

I apologize for a lack of posts for the coming days. Swissmiss is heading south for a few days. (YAY!) I shall return with a suitcase filled with designy links. In the meantime, why don’t you enjoy some inspirational finds on these fine sites:






oh joy!

apartment therapy




<-------and many more to be found in the left hand 'recommended column".

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  1. Thank you for the links; I’m a new subscriber to your feed and enjoy your postings, and now I have more blogs to add to my must-read list! Just wanted to point out one small glitch; the link you have for decor8 actually points to Design Sponge.

    – Carolyn Bahm
    Collierville, Tennessee, USA

  2. Hy Tina, have a lucky new year. thanks for your links from spain!

  3. Great site, and you will be missed.

    I hope this is not poor blog etiquette (I am realtively new at this), but I would like to invite swissmiss readers to check out another blog of cool ideas and design: