happy sarcastic wednesday


Happy Sarcastic Wednesday Card. Hilarious!

evoca | podcasting on the go

Evoca makes easy for everyone to instantly create, organize, share and search voice recordings. How? Create a recording using your phone, PC mic, Skype™ or upload an existing recording. Use it to Produce and listen to podcasts or just to simply add your voice to your blog! Enjoy up to 60 minutes of recording and unlimited listening for free! Excellent!

Learn the mother of all swissgerman words in my very first evoca podcast:

How unethical are you?

What’s the most unethical thing you’ve ever done in business? What’s the most unethical thing that’s been done to you? Confess Yourself or Read some confessions over at ethicscrisis.com.

how do you organize your books?


Wish I had such a big built in wall-bookshelf, I’d organize my books by color as well…

get a gravatar

Logo_7What is a gravatar? A gravatar, or globally recognized avatar, is quite simply an 80×80 pixel avatar image that follows you from weblog to weblog appearing beside your name when you comment on gravatar enabled sites. Avatars help identify your posts on web forums, so why not on weblogs?

quote by Alan Jenkins

“Your brand will increasingly depend on what comes up when you are Googled.”
Alan Jenkins

(shared by B.L Ochman)

an evening about “blogging”

I was happy to attend yet another Spark event last night, this time about Blogging.


I truly enjoyed Nelly Yusupova’s presentation. I have wanted to meet her for quite a while now. She gave us a thorough pros+cons overview on Self-Hosted Blogging Services. (I know that I should finally move this blog over to my own server and integrate it in WordPress, MovableType or Texpattern. Has anyone of you any experience in moving a typepad blog over to one of the self-hosted blogging tools?)

Marketing Strategist and influental blogger B.L. Ochman gave a very lively presentation. This woman has ‘Umpf’. Wish she would have been given more time to present. I loved how she described herself a “global micro brand”. Her ending quote made me smile: “Change the world or go home!”

Cary Solly gave a very basic introduction to what blogs are, as there were a lot of people who were completely new to the blogging thing. I would have loved to listen to some of her more advanced blogging-cyberworld-insights as she seemed to have a wealth knowledge – she’s a senior editor at About.com.

If you’re an (independent) designer living in NYC, make sure to attend one of the upcoming Spark Events.

pop-out balcony


Bloomframe by Hofman Dujardin Architecten in Amsterdam. As a two in one, balcony and window, the design gives “the possibility to use the surface of an apartment to the maximum.”

(thank you roman | via notcot)

david wiseman | designer


I am completely in love with this chandelier with porcelain blossoms and bronze branches, by David Wiseman.

(A great find thanks to fabulous Design*Sponge)

bandwagon | online iTUnes backup for music aficionados


bandwagon is an online iTunes backup service for Mac users. Painless + automatic, it helps get rid of scheduled backups to cds + dvds.

Check their blog for news.

sibi olga | rocking horse


You just have to love a rocking horse that a) looks so designy and b) has the name OLGA.

Available at Sparkability.net

The Perfect Interview Question

The Perfect Interview Question by Mark Murphy, CEO of Leadership IQ

BoDo: Business of Design Online

BoDo blogs about the business of design including: starting your own design business (online or off); marketing; dealing with clients; working with printers, photographers, copywriters and other surrounding industries; pretty much anything to help a design business grow.

Make sure to check out their resources page.

Sandra Isaksson | Illustrator





Wonderful illustrations by Sandra Isaksson .

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ottoman bench


Ottoman Bench! Available at Garnet Hill.

(via wishful thinking)

file with style!


*Love* these Folders from the Containerstore (my alltime favorite store in the city). File with Style!

kids tetris furniture


Kids Tetris Furniture, designed by Harri Koskinen. – Genious!

(Thank you Prescott!)

Miff | A fashionable bunny


Miff is a very fashionable bunny. You can view a picture of Miff, daily, in a new outfit.

Miff | what shall I wear today?

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fuck you time – need more


T-shirt designs that made me smile. Via sobittersosweet, a blog by talented designer/artist Jessica Ritter. (The t-shirt is designed by one of Jessica’s students, called Siobhan)

And I couldn’t agree more with that statement. I need more time. Or at least two clones. So many ideas in my head, not enough time and hands. (Enter sigh here.)

polaroid charm


Polaroid Charm. Sweet!

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fold yourself a pig


Fold yourself a paper pig.

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grey felt dress


grey felt dress by nicola edeler

giant ugly doll


G and I have a thing for Ugly Dolls… so this giant one made me smile.

(thanks BB)

tony vs paul

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