folding couch | mesmerizing!

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  1. I seriously want one.

  2. wow, any clue where can you get these?.. must…

  3. me too. any details?

  4. I think the people in the video are Taiwanese…that could be a clue :P

  5. Fascinating… what a design!

  6. Definitely Taiwanese. A ‘friend of a friend’ designed it.

  7. actually, I think its a traditional China paperwork art
    aren’t these people from Singapore?

  8. Actually,it’s from TAIWAN !!I LOVE TAIWAN

  9. Seriously though–where can I get one? Is it a prototype or is it production?

  10. Taiwan, Chinese, I just want one. Does anyone really know where to find this thing?

  11. Ingenious!! Designed by Taiwanese designer Chishen Chiu. You can purchase it on this site