19 Things NOT To Do When Building a Website

19 Things NOT To Do When Building a Website

(via chrisglass)

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  1. A very good list of rules. To be continued:

    20. Don’t use insulting language such as “DUMBASS”, “morons” (8.) etc.
    Degrading an audience might stroke the writer’s ego to feel superior, but backfires and reflects on a juvenile character.

    21. Don’t use ALL CAPS.

    22. Do proofread your copy before publishing. (6. “I can already here the grumbling coming from the print world…” etc.)

    23. Don’t randomly color words, some with links, some without.

    24. Do continue to write good rules. The web needs it.

    25. …

  2. I agree with everything Ben said. They were good rules but the guys attitude really put me off, at least in part because both his sites couldn’t have been more humdrum or unimaginatively laid out. And considering all the talk about firing the help for mistaking “your” for “you’re”, you’d think he would have worked a little harder to avoid typos himself.

    It’s like those TV evangelists who spend all their time trying to scare the faithful into submission by threatening them with eternal hellfire and damnation and then get caught shooting PCP llaced heroin speedballs in bed with a 13 year old transvestite hooker and a bunch of gerbils on leashes.

    25. if you’re gonna talk smack about a bunch of people on the internet at least make sure your game (bold letters) is up to it.

  3. Just took a peek at original article and noticed that I can’t find a link to his homepage without hacking the address bar ;-)


    Would that qualify as rule number -1, or rule number 0 ?

    In terms of colours my own blog started off with being monochrome, for about a good year until I felt brave enough to colour it in.