comic abstraction



Beautiful, elegant site design for Comic Abstraction, a show currently showing at the MoMA!

(congrats Shannon and Allegra!)

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  1. Obviously the art pieces are nice :)

    But the design of the site, elegant? I think the animation of the elements sliding into place could be considered elegant, but I have to disagree about the layout.

    Once the homepage’s Flash stops loading and you are looking at all the boxes together (as seen in your 1st screenshot)… if someone made something like that on a Geocities or free host type site and called it “design”, everyone would trash the look of the site.

    Just my $.02.

    PS – I like your blog though :)

  2.’s been doing a bunch of good stuff lately… their Jeff Wall minisite is also well-designed and extremely informative. And I heard that you recently did something really cool for them, too, Ms. SwissMiss! As far as the actual live art shows go, I found Comic Abstraction too small and unfocused, but the Wall exhibit is excellent and shouldn’t be missed.

    For more info, here’s my reviews: