it’s a stool, no it’s a highchair!


This highchair design just had me jump up and down! I am giving the designer Hannu Peltonen a virtual high five. Well done!

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  1. Sure it looks good but the other side of the design coin is usability which seems to have been overlooked here. My little girl would slide right through!

  2. How can your girl slide through if she has the bar between her legs?
    Do you own it? Would love to know your experience.

  3. Give him a high 5 from me whilst you are there.

  4. Thumbs way up on this design! Tres cool…

  5. Love the design and the fact that it appears to function as a stool as well as a high chair. I don’t think my kids could or would fall through! After all, this chair is obviously not for a young baby but rather a older baby or toddler.

  6. I love stool! i like that design. Well, i also got my stoll designed by Herman Miller. and i got if from relax the back shop .