biodegradable milk jugs


Designed and manufactured in Britain, Greenbottle is a biodegradable milk bottle that uses a smart two-part system to aid recycling. The bottles are composed of a cardboard outer manufactured from pulped, recycled cardboard, which is lined with an inner sleeve of biodegradable plastic made from corn starch. The plastic keeps the cardboard from becoming soggy, and the cardboard makes for easy transport, storage and pouring. Once the bottle is empty, the inner sleeve can be pulled out and will decompose in a landfill within six weeks. The cardboard outer can be put out for recycling with other paper or thrown in with kitchen and garden waste for home composting.

(via springwise)

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  1. You’d might find it interesting to learn about ecolean (.se) from Sweden, which is made with chalk!. A danish dairy (Osted Mejeri) have used their packaging for years and years!

    Milk tastes GREAT. Unfortunately I live too far away to buy it, but when I visit friends in the vicinity I always enjoy it.

  2. We are interested on buying 5000 bottles made of this biodegradable material.
    Is it possible?
    Thanks for you attention.

  3. very interested in this product. Does it freeze well? Do you ship to Canada / USA? Please email me as i would like to discuss this further!

    Many Blessings,