jakob nielsen commenting on web 2.0

Hype about Web 2.0 is making web firms neglect the basics of good design, web usability guru Jakob Nielsen has said.

Web 2.0 ‘neglecting good design’

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  1. I was completely shocked to read such an article at the BBC site, Mr. Jacob Nielsen, known as the usability guru has something to say on web2.0 and design. — Today, the dynamic web pages are not made in any rush hour, plenty of man hours goes in to research and a lot of effort is being put in by the group of experts to make the NEXT web2.0 product / web site totally user-friendly and easy going with the millions of users on the web. Experts from various streams like research analyst, hardcore technical guys, business development managers, investors, Artificial Intelligence experts, SEO specialists and many others are today extremely involved in making a successful web2.0 product. — READ MY COMPLETE REVIEW HERE: http://hiteshmehta.in/?p=8