“Culla Belly”


The “Culla Belly” just had me gasp: What a beauty!

(thank you philippe)

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  1. Why didn’t someone invent this sooner! This seems like something so logical it would have been around since the Romans. I wonder how sturdy it is — then again, babies don’t weigh more than a few pounds.

  2. this makes me want a baby!

  3. this makes me want a baby!

  4. That is utterly gorgeous. I wonder if you could use it for anything else once baby has grown up a bit.

  5. is this avaliable to buy does anyone know or is this a pro/type,would be greatful for more info
    [email protected]
    kat x

  6. I would like to get one if possible, i’ll be mummy in February and i would have this for then, could you send me info about’
    Many thanks,

  7. where can i buy “Culla Belly” ? i Need it !! i love It !!

  8. where can i buy CULLA BELLY ??

  9. I live in New Zealand, I’d be very interested to know where or how to buy one of these and how much?

  10. I from Chile, Where can i buy “Culla Belly”?

  11. If anyone knows where to purchase this, please let me know! [email protected]

  12. Hi.
    I live in Portugal and i would like to know where I can buy the culla belly.
    Thank You

  13. This is a beautiful piece. I see alot of requests for it add me to that list. Where is it available???????

  14. HI, I live in Germany and would like to know where to buy the “Culla Bella”. Love your blog!


  15. please tell me when this is available. it is perfect!!!

  16. Looking for more information on how it is secured to the parent bed? Also I have a very thick mattress, what thickness mattresses does it work with?

    Otherwise it looks like it would work wonderfully for what we need. Our Dear Daughter of 2 years still sleeps with us and I don’t see that changing in the next 3+ months.

    Christine in Central Massachusetts, USA

  17. I live in Italy, can you tell me where I can buy it, please?

  18. This is a great idea. Mothers will love it.

  19. Hi,
    this is really cool. I am from Germany,
    where can I buy it and how much does it cost?


  20. We would like to purchase – where can we get it from?

  21. I love this – its just wonderful. I wish i had this when my little one was a baby. I would have been able to sleep better and not worrying that i might roll on to him when he slept in the middle of our bed sometimes.

  22. I would like to get one if possible, I’ll be mummy in Sept. Is it possible to find in Hong Kong? Could you send me info about this? Many thanks.

  23. I would love this for our dog that we can’t get to sleep on his pillow.

  24. I am from Hong Kong, and really want to buy this product. Where can I buy it and how much of it??
    Grateful if you could send me more info about it….many thx!!!

  25. I really want to buy this product
    can anyone tell me where can I find and how much is!!

  26. ideal per il neonato e la madre, como faccio per comprarla

  27. I live in NY, can you please let me know where can I buy this. Many thanks.

  28. I live in Melbourne, Australia and will be a Mum in March 2009. I LOVE this product, is it available for purchase? Where can I find it and how much is it?? Please send me some information, it’s a really beautiful design, and it’s RED – !!

  29. Where an the Culla Belly be purchased in Canada.? specifically Saskatchewan or Alberta

  30. where can I purchase this item? Its a wonderful idea for someone with a small bedroom please send me information on it. thanks

  31. This is all I have found, as I too am looking to purchase one as well! So far it doesn’t seem to be available on the market :(


  32. i really interested in culla belly how can I get it, please tell me

  33. I would like to get one if possible, i’ll be mummy in November and i would have this for then, could you send me info about’. I´m from Brazil
    Many thanks

  34. On veut acheter un Cully Bella !!!! Aidez-nous ! C’est de la folie, on veut tous l’acheter. J’en achète 2000 exemplaires à celui qui me les vend. A l’aide. Je suis désespérée.

  35. Hi, i would really like the Culla Belly too. I live in Toronto, Canada.
    Please contact me as soon as possible.

  36. i too would love to know where i can buy one of these……i live in New Brunswick Canada

  37. Ok, wow… new borns DON’T need a pillow. They will just roll into them and suffocate. Massive SIDS risk! Remember to be VERY careful feeding your baby lying down so as not to fall asleep and roll on them. Cute idea, weird execution with the pillow.

  38. Ok , because of the list of comments, I’m assuming the product is not yet on sale. Can you please work it out soon so we can all have access to buy it? I’m planning my pregnancy , If the product hasn’t come out to the market yet, I will have to steal the idea and build one for me instead, such a good idea can’t be wasted.

  39. Great! Thanks!

  40. Any news on this item would love to buy one thanks

  41. Hello! I am going to Nyc in february and I would love to buy a Culla Belly. Do yoy have them available? Woukd yoy send me the specification of it?

    Thank yoy very much!!

  42. I live in Indiana! Where can I buy this?

  43. Elm street baby ALL are on back order

  44. This is perfect! Where can I buy this??

  45. I cant find this anywhere to buy!!! WHY I MUST HAVE!!!!