Malware Found on YouTube

Malware has been discovered on YouTube, in the form of Zlob adware.

Fake video links on YouTube are being used to initiate infection with the Trojan, which appears as porn adware before installing code to find and steal data. Reportedly, the only way to get rid of this risk is reliant on YouTube’s own security personnel, which could take hours, leaving plenty of time for the malware to run its course. Being a user-generated service that thrives on the viral nature of sharing content with others is always a risk. Unfortunately, this particular malware will depend on YouTube to be truly dealt with.

(via mashable)

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  1. It seems many sites are not safe. I see links all the time on very popular sites linking to other sites to watch the latest music video or funny click. If any site asks you for a codec just move on. It’s not worth the risk