back in nyc…


The swissmiss family is back in NYC. I didn’t get to blog while in the swiss alps, I simply just couldn’t take my eyes of the green hills of Appenzell. I apologize for the rather long hiatus. Here’s a few thoughts from my 3 week trip to Europe:

Dry heat rocks. Bah to the high humidity in NYC.

House swapping is my new favorite way of vacationing. All it took was an email to about 10 of our friends and family a few months ago and within 1 day we had several offers of swiss families that wanted to stay in NYC for two weeks. The house we ended up staying in was mindblowingly big and modern and with views on the green hills of Appenzell and the Saentis. We got home last night to our apartment that was seemingly cleaner than the day we left. G and I give house swapping a “two thumbs up”.

Traveling with a toddler CAN be delightful. Our little Ella was a real champ. She said “bah” to jet-lag and slept til 5am this morning. Go E!

– I am seriously considering having all emails bounce next time I go on vacation. Opening my inbox at this point is downright scary. (My apologies to all those who are waiting for a reply)

– G and I are spending too much time in front of a computer screen. Every time we saw another beautiful vista in the swiss alps, we kept saying: “That would make a great screensaver or desktop background.

– You can’t eat too much St.Galler Bratwurst.

– Yay! I am back! I missed broadcasting. What’s new out in the design world?

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  1. oh reading about the olma brat gave me a little bit of a stomach ache… how i miss it so!

    – a former st. gallen exchange student at the SfG

  2. Welcome back. I’m just finalising the details of my Switzerland trip in October. Going to be staying in Lauterbrunnen. Should be good.

  3. welcome back swissmissfamily!