a major case of “the fremps”.


Two nights ago, I came home announcing: “Tonight, I will watch TV!” After dinner, G and I plopped down on the couch to have a peek at the screen. I was giddy of excitement, as we never watch, besides 10 minutes of news/weather in the morning or Ella’s beloved Noggin fix.

We pressed the ‘power button’ and got instantly stuck on NBC’s The Singing Bee. This is handsdown the worst show I have ever seen. G and I looked at each other in complete disbelief. We gasped and said: “FREMPS!” We had to instantly text message BB, as she was the person introducing us to this fabulous term. I could not imagine life without ‘the fremps’ as part of my daily vocabulary. Please, feel free to add it to yours.

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  1. An oft-used phrase in my vocabulary thanks to Mr. Rochford. The term somehow completes the English language.

  2. Oh, I agree. I’ve been looking for this word since I was seven years old, watching Marty McFly make an idiot out of himself in Back To The Future.

  3. The missing word, I have to find an italian equivalent

  4. I seriously don’t know how I survived before I knew this word…

  5. And here I was, after all this years, blind in my belief that the fremps, or as we Latin Americans have called it for so long, “vergüenza ajena” (or “embarrassment for another”, loosely translated) was a strictly Latin American feeling. Now, with the amount of fremp-inducing reality TV American producers have given birth to in the past five years, I cannot understand how this fantastic term hasn’t gone mainstream (yes, Cheaters TV, I’m looking at you).

  6. Hahaha great to know that there is a word for this emotion!! If Curb Your Enthusiasm had a mission statement… that word would be it.

  7. Fremdschämen im deutschen – sorry to post here in german.

  8. Adopting this word immediately!

  9. I’ve been calling this “fardo” for years – and it’s the reason I can’t go to karaoke.