Every morning I am tempted to go right…


(image by twentyonepictures.)

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  1. Thank you for the trails of images this photo together with the caption produced in my head. Good find

  2. How do I sometimes feel like they are the same thing?

  3. Today I did turn right…:)

  4. To me, it doesn’t really make a difference…

  5. Heh. I’m with Isko. ; )

  6. Tomorrow turn right, i’ll be waiting for you

  7. This one day I sharted in my pants!

  8. Hello SwissMiss

    Team Up?

    You are welcome to cross post your photos on my blog at Worldwide Sawdust and suggest improvements.

    Bob Higgins
    Worldwide Sawdust

  9. Hah! If only I had such a clear choice!!!
    Grin – love it! Li

  10. Wow you’re really different from me, I wouldn’t have to debate it- I’d go right from Day 1.

  11. I live this everday and guess what…I have chosen the right on many occassions. It just easier.

  12. Funny =)

    Sorry if I missed this, but where is this pic from?

  13. Left or right you still end up in the same place though this would tempt me everyday.

  14. I have to pick left.

    Gorillas are frickin scary.

  15. Whatever happened to Beyonce and “To the left. to the left”

  16. I do go right every morning….to meet with Ishmael…

  17. No contest – right every time. The office is much scarier.

  18. hoi!

    gut zu sehen dass dein blog immer noch absolut fantastisch ist

    grats on being digged! :)

  19. Try going right once :P

  20. The problem is the left on that pic!

  21. Dear Penthouse,

    I never thought it would happen to me. Today, I took the right turn into Gorilla World…

  22. Ishmael Rules!

    (Good call Allan)

  23. Well done, thats awesome

  24. Well done, thats awesome

  25. I would always, always go right!

  26. Hahaha. Nice, I think. ;)

  27. GorillaWorld is far more interesting than the offices.

    I think you have to go to Gorillas a few times a week or so.

    Yours Sincerely.

  28. And what is interestingly direct? :)))