Paula Scher Designs Templates for Download from HP

Hewlett-Packard launches a new website featuring Paula Scher, Jake Burton and Gwen Stefani as part of its $300 million Print 2.0 campaign designed to inspire and empower customers with free customizable, printable content.

“No template is a substitute for hiring a professional designer,” warns Scher, and indeed at Scher’s suggestion the HP site includes a prominent link to the AIGA designer directory. “But at the very least, I hope we can stop a few innocent people out there from using Comic Sans.”


The themes of the five HP business templates Scher designed.

(via monoscope)

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  1. Thank you so much. Do you know what font the “Bold” template is? I feel stupid, but I just can’t recall its name.

  2. Thanks Tina- I thought you would enjoy the video out of our NYC event where we launched the new campaign

  3. Paula Scher supports creative thinking for smart branding and it is a concept we look up to as fresh graduates, newly starting a design career. It is highly questionable how creating templates for ‘fast-identity-design’ relates to her beliefs. After all one begins to wonder whether she is making design more populist by making it accessible to the masses, or whether she is ‘making it bigger’ for her career.