Roller skates are back. Hooray!


I feel like 8 again seeing these Roller Skates. YAY!

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  1. they’ve never been “out” with me :)
    i have a white pair i painted with black zebra stripes in 1990. i use them for skate dancing + i use my 5 wheel inlines for everything else.
    i’m a skateaholic

  2. I was soooo happy to see more and more people with roller skates down at the lakefront this summer. I mean, inline skates are fine, but I could just never get the hang of them. I’m far more comfortable on good ol’ roller skates. (Or ice skates, but it’s rather hard to get those to go far on the pavement.)

  3. Being a teen, I almost got swept up with all the trends now-a-days, until I finally (and litterally) stomped my foot and said ‘no.’ I finally decided to do what I wanted to do…and I don’t like skate boarding. I like roller skating ^^. So I hunted down a pair of skates at the local MC Sports (forty bucks, but it was the only place around here that still sells quad skates…even the local toys r us doesn’t have any, not even for kids). It’s a boy’s pair instead of girl’s pair…but they didn’t have any wide girls skates and my feet are very boy-like…so I have black and blue boy’s skates ^^. Oh well, still triple the fun.

  4. hi, need a pair of these skates. Who is your londom dealer?

  5. Hi,
    Just wanted to offer my services as we have lots of styles and designs of roller skates to choose from. You can find me at this link.

  6. Hi
    I really need a pair of these Roller Skates. I am from South Africa and can not find them here. Please contact me.


  7. i really want these skates i am getting them for my birthday i cant wait i really like them they look so cute and gorgeous that i just cant wait to get them but can i just ask one question : where can i get these lovely roller skates from and what sizes do they do??? i am a size 2 :)