tattoo moustache


Right or wrong? Right, yes, yes, yes! No, wrong. I don’t know, I’m confused. I shouldn’t be attracted to this, but I am. A woman with a mustache, a woman with a mustache tattooed on her finger no less.
Tattoo Mustache

I have a feeling this will make my Milwaukee HD readers smile.

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  1. My friend has this moustache tattoo as well! It is awesome and i have always wanted one.

  2. I love it. Almost enough to get one, and I’m not a tatoo kind of lady.

  3. I have a friend with one of these, but she says she’ll have to get it redone soon because it gets so much wear there.

  4. so funny! I may make myself a fake ink one just to entertain myself for a day.

  5. great!! she is really pretty! really suits the tattoo to, i have a moustache tattoo, though its a little lower down than my finger…..

  6. i want to get one but i ask my tattoo artist to do one one me and he asked me if i knew what it meant i thought it was just a funny thing and i cant find any other meaning to it do you know?

  7. one of the most stupid and ugly tattoos…

    I refused to date a girl when I saw one fading away on her finger.